Why is Handheld Vacuum Cleaner so Important? Buying Guide

A handheld Vacuum cleaner is a small machine that you can hold by your hand and use it to clean your room or elsewhere. Despite having a full-size vacuum cleaner, I always suggest people get themselves a handheld vacuum cleaner as well. The reason behind that is that it is so small, compact, lightweight and easy to use that you can use it anytime during the day. In this, when you are having a back problem, it may become difficult to push and pull around a full-size vacuum cleaner.

Advantages of Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner image
Advantages of Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner image

Reasons to Buy a Handheld Vacuum

Only a handheld vacuum cleaner will save you the effort. You can also carry this small vacuum cleaner to your office in the car. You can even plug it in your garage and use it to clean the small areas of your car, let under the seat and the Deck, that is usually inaccessible by a full-size vacuum cleaner. And that is why I regard it as one of the essential accessories that a person can have in their home. Know what are the benefits or advantages of using a handheld vacuum cleaner-

Cleaning the Corners

If you are a person, accustomed to cleaning your home using a full-size vacuum cleaner such as an upright vacuum cleaner or a canister vacuum cleaner, then you will be aware of the situations where it has been difficult for you to reach the corners of your couch, the furniture, or even in the upholstery. With the help of a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can easily reach those places and clean up to your heart’s content. 

Pet hair cleaning 

This is one of the major advantages of owning a handheld vacuum cleaner. As I already mentioned that with a bulky vacuum cleaner, it becomes impossible to reach the farthest of the corners. And that is the place where you are most likely to find excessive pet hair. If you do not clean or remove the pet hair from your home surfaces, very soon, you will have health issues like asthma, common cold, flu and so much more. But with a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can easily clean the pet here from the carpets, rugs, bed covers, etc. 

Cleaning the car 

This is something for which I majorly depend upon my handheld vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the car is near to impossible with a bulky vacuum cleaner as it does not properly fit inside the car, and makes it very difficult to move around. But with a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can easily pick the vacuum and direct it to whichever area in the car that you want to be cleaned. 

Boost hygiene 

I am sure you must have noticed how dust particles settle in the window panes, outdoor screens, window sills, awnings, and the railings. These dust particles can carry a lot of germs and allergens in them. If not cleaned properly and thoroughly, you may risk damaging the healthy environment of your home. With a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can easily clean the window panes, awnings, and railings without any difficulty. 

Cleaning carpets 

Most vacuum cleaners like an upright vacuum cleaner are suitable for cleaning floors like hardwood. But when it comes to cleaning the carpet or the rug, it may face some difficulty. This may be because the brush of the vacuum cleaner is not suitable for Carpet cleaning, or maybe the overall power of the machine is not good enough. No matter what, in my years of experience in cleaning the carpet with a handheld vacuum cleaner, I have found that the latter is far better in cleaning the carpet than a bulky vacuum cleaner.

Advantages and disadvantages of a hand vacuum 

No product is perfect, and the same is in the case of a handheld vacuum cleaner. With advantages, there also comes the disadvantages. But it entirely depends upon the user, whether he wants to prefer the product despite knowing is disadvantages, or whether he wants to go for another option. It is our responsibility as a platform to provide you with all the necessary information and let you be the judge of that. 

Advantages of a handheld vacuum cleaner 

Suction Power 

Although the size of the handheld vacuum cleaner can be very small, it still comes with a powerful suction system. The suction is enough for the user to easily clean a place at one go without having to make multiple sweeps at one time. For small cleaning tasks, a handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect. 


One of the major advantages of owning a handheld vacuum cleaner is its compact size. As the machine is so small in size, it becomes effortless for people, including the elderly, to clean their homes and personal space. I have noticed that older people having a problem in their back find it very difficult to operate a bulky vacuum cleaner. But that will not be the case in terms of using a handheld vacuum cleaner. 

Lightweight Design 

Again, as the handheld vacuum cleaner is so compact, it is a prominent factor that it will also be very lightweight. This makes it easy for people to carry it around or even transport it from one place to another. This makes it very suitable for use not only at home but also at the office, cleaning your car, upholstery, window panes, awning, etc. 


In case you are already a proud owner of a bulky vacuum cleaner, you will be aware of the fact that a full-size vacuum cleaner comes with lots of accessories, storage space, buttons and controls. So many things in one machine can sometimes complicate the user in using it. On the other hand, a handheld vacuum cleaner is very easy to use. It comes with one or two-button, no extra accessories and no unnecessary clutter to confuse you all. All you have to do is press the button and it is ready to be used.

Quick and fast 

Cleaning pet hair or the carpet will never be so easy without a handheld vacuum cleaner. As they lack extra controls and option, they are very fast on the move, quick to clean and easy to control. 


This is one of the most important advantages of buying a handheld vacuum cleaner. They are very affordable and are always priced cheaper than a full-size vacuum cleaner. 

Disadvantages of a handheld vacuum cleaner 


The handheld vacuum cleaner may appear small in size, but they require a lot of maintenance, primarily because of the small dust capacity. You need to always keep in check, that the dust holder is not full, and also keep in mind to empty the container regularly. 


All the most handheld vacuum cleaners come corded in design, but some people go for a cordless design. We are not saying it is wrong, but some models of cordless handheld vacuum cleaner come with low battery capacity, which will result in a headache as you will have to keep recharging it and also keep the battery in check.

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