Use of a Handheld Vacuum – What can we use this for?

In this article, you will get the complete idea about What is Handheld Vacuum Used for. A Vacuum Cleaner is used for cleaning the large area rug or a room with complete carpet, but they tend to be heavy and bulky and they are not ideal for many types of messes and many spaces. But handheld vacuum can be used easily and can able to clean up the places that a normal vacuum cleaner cannot reach.

What is Handheld Vacuum Used for image
What is Handheld Vacuum Used for image

What is Handheld Vacuum Used for?

The handheld vacuum cleaner is typically a small and portable version of the traditional vacuum cleaner. Because of its dense size, it has its own pros and cons. The main disadvantage of this type is that it is not a good solution for vacuuming the large area of the house.

Handheld car vacuum

Handheld car vacuum image

Accumulation of debris, dirt, dust and many other such contaminants may damage the car interiors on the long run. Maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment in the car is very important especially if a driver or some passenger is having pulmonary or skin allergies. The normal household vacuum cleaner is not enough because they are not built to reach the corners and small areas on the car. It is not necessary to fiddle about the crevice attachments and extension cables to get your car to clean with such bulky vacuum cleaner, instead wipe the car with the help of nifty, portable handheld vacuum cleaner which is much easier to reach all the corners and places in the car.


Handheld vacuum for Pet hair

Handheld vacuum for Pet hair image

Pets leave their hair in their favorite places and even drag all sorts of debris and dirt into a home with them from outside. The problem with letting animals is that we have to end up cleaning the home after them. Pets not only leave a great mess around the home but you will also be left with odors that are not pleasant.

Even with regular cleaning, there will be some areas that need more attention than others. There are some areas at home that the pet will frequently visit and if pets travel with you in the car, then we all know how the pet mess will make and often smell bad.

A handheld vacuum cleaner is ideal for quickly cleaning such areas which require a bit more attention than the other areas of the home. As it is small and easy to handle, it takes less effort in cleaning concentrated areas. The problem with handheld vacuum cleaners is that they are not always powerful and some come with brushes and attachments that are needed to get rid of pet hair and even the stubborn stains that pets leave behind.

Pet owner need a small portable vacuum that can pull out dirt whenever required and clean up all the debris without taking much time of yours. With a number of features and different price categories, sure you can find the best handheld vacuum cleaner that suits you.

Handheld vacuum for stairs

Handheld vacuum for stairs image

There are some places we tend to leave till last because they Just seem like they require hard work and effort of cleaning and vacuuming the stairs, specifically vacuuming the carpeted stairs seem like a chore until you find a right tool for cleaning… There are many numbers of a vacuum cleaner that assure a great performance in these tricky areas by providing the combination features like the portable body, light, powerful motor, ability to handle the multiple surfaces, the flexibility and has plenty of accessories for dealing with upholstery and pet hair. Below are the best handheld vacuum for stairs based on their features and customer satisfaction.

  • Shark rocket corded hand vacuum
  • Bissell pet hair eraser Cordless vacuum
  • Shark ION W1 handheld vacuum
  • EUREKA 71A/72 B/71 C  handheld vacuum
  • EUREKA rapid clean handheld vacuum cleaner.

Handheld vacuum for Carpet

Handheld vacuum for Carpet image

Frequently vacuuming the carpet is recommended to keep it clean and remove the dirt, debris, and dust away from carpet. Regularly vacuuming the carpet keeps the health and home clean and refreshing. Handheld vacuum cleaner effectively cleans the sawdust on hard floors and carpets. The high-quality vacuum with integrated tools and with more suction power will help you to get into tight areas in home and car.

A handheld vacuum is very useful in cleaning up messes of all kinds from the carpet. It is efficient in cleaning all the light debris like leaves and the heavy debris like kitty litter and pet food on all kinds of surfaces, hardwood, Carpets, and automobile flooring. As it is lightweight, it would not cause any fatigue.

Handheld vacuum for upholstery

Handheld vacuum for upholstery image

Handheld vacuums are generally invaluable for small and every day vacuuming, but the versatility of best handheld vacuums will help you to easily take care of a number of medium-sized tasks both in home and out of the home like a car. Some of the models with amazing and powerful suction along with helpful attachments and flexible hoses can get into spaces like window sills, car seats, and tight corner, under the furniture upholstery that bigger vacuums cannot handle.


You need to choose whether Corded or Cordless model

If you plan to use the vacuum mostly in the area like kitchen or workspace then Corded handheld will provide continuous cleaning without stopping and periodically recharging the battery.

Cordless handheld is very convenient when you plan them to use around the house, into the garage and outside to clean the car. It will run only for 10 to 20 minutes per charge.

Handheld held vacuum cleaners for upholstery are perfect for quick cleaning jobs and even save you from the hassle of dragging the full-size cleaner and dragging it in the whole house. For more useful information, keep in touch with

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