Shark LV801 Pet Perfect Handheld Vacuum – Portability makes it convenient to clean any surface!

Shark LV801 Pet Perfect Vacuum Review 2023

There is nothing like having a pet in the hose. Be it a canine or feline, the idea of having a furry friend waiting for your cuddle at the end of the day is undoubtedly delightful. During the time, while living alone and came back to space becomes a reality, having a furry friend around literally bliss. They are adorable, cute, and they are faithful, give you company, does not have any expectations, and boosts your immune system. Furry friends are the best until they shed their fur all over the place. Having a furry friend around, be it a canine or feline, is good, but having fur all over your floor, your carpets, furniture, and upholstery and on your clothes is not. Excess amount of pet fur does not only make space look dirty and organized, but they can also be a primal cause behind different infection and sudden allergic reactions as well. Now let us check out the complete Shark LV801 Pet Perfect Vacuum Review in the following section along with feature, pros and cons.

Shark Pet Perfect Lithium-Ion Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Info

Now cleaning pet hair can also be a real mess as well. Though there are almost thousands of different types of vacuum cleaners are present in the market, most of them claim to be the most powerful one, but in reality, many of them fail to collect pet hair from different surfaces. Pet hairs are tiny, and most of the time, negligible to plain eyesight as well. So all you need an extremely strong and powerful vacuum cleaner, which will be equally efficient in collecting all those scattered feline hair along with regular dust and debris.

The Shark LV801 Cordless Pet Perfect Hand Vac, we are going to discuss in this specific article, is chiefly made to collect and wipe out all those harmful pet hair, in a breeze. Designed and developed by one of the leading home and kitchen appliance manufacturing brands of all time, the Shark pet-friendly vacuum cleaner is powerful, efficient. It makes the life of the user pretty easy. A perfect companion to clean all those paw prints and messes created by your furry friend, this Best Handheld Vacuum For Upholstery is compatible with multiple surfaces as well.

Well, to know this Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Lithium Handheld Vacuum more thoroughly here. As we are going to discuss all the exciting features along with Shark LV801 Pet Perfect Vacuum Review and individual pros and cons.


  • The contemporary design makes cleaning fun.
  • Easy to work with.
  • Bagless yet efficient filtration capacity.
  • It comes with a powerful battery as well.
  • Less charging time
  • Powerful cyclonic suction.
  • Plenty of accessories are included

1. The contemporary design makes cleaning job fun

The Best Hand Cordless Car Vacuum is comprised of a very unique and contemporary outlook, which does not only make it look very stylish and compact but is also meant for making the cleaning process much more easier and a fun-filled affair as well. the individual design of this Shark LV801 Handheld Upholstery vacuum Cleaner is pretty different from other handheld vacuum cleaner models present in the market and can only be in competition to the Dyson ones only, design-wise. Moreover, the handle in this Shark pet perfect vacuum cleaner is also very ergonomically designed and the no-hold power button also increases the convenience level of the user by many folds.

2. Easy to work with

there are so many vacuum cleaners in the market, which are extremely powerful yet so difficult to handle, that most of the users do not feel comfortable to use them on a regular basis. Comprises only two buttons, one is responsible for power and the other one helps the user to reach the dust collecting bin. Not only suitable for cleaning pet messes, but this Shark Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair is extremely versatile and efficient enough for collecting food crumbs or spilled pet foods from car floors, dashboard, furniture’s, RV’s, etc. With the ability to clean upholsteries as well, this Best Shark Handheld Vacuum can be the primary choice for anybody.

3. Bagless yet efficient filtration capacity

like most of the generic handheld vacuum cleaners, this particular one from the house of Shark, is also comprised of the bagless filtration process, which is literally hassled free and does not need a degree in rocket science to understand. As you can see in this Shark LV801 Pet Perfect Vacuum Review, it Comprises of a specialized Twister suction, both coarse and fine dirt and debris get separated easily. While the fine dust particles are captured by the removable filter, coarse particles are kept on the 0.43 quarts dust cup itself. All it requires a release of all the collected dirt and debris bin after each vacuuming session.

4. It comes with a powerful battery as well

generically Shark vacuums are well known for comprising powerful batteries, which can provide a decent amount of runtime with a single charging cycle. This Shark cordless pet perfect handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 10.8-volt lithium-ion battery, which can provide its user with a minimum 15 minutes of runtime when the motorized brush is attached. Other than the brush attachment, the runtime may increase according to the type of work.

5. Less charging time

a powerful battery may require the longest time to get fully charged, and that is most of the think while discussing vacuum cleaner batteries. But in the case of this particular Shark cordless pet perfect vacuum, it can get a full 100% charge, starting from level zero in just 6 hours. Also comprises of an indicator light on the body of the vacuum cleaner itself, that turns from green to red when the battery filled with maximum power. The primary purpose of the indicator light is purely connected with the convenience factor of the cleaning machine.

6. Powerful cyclonic suction

above all the interesting features and unique outlook of any vacuum cleaner, the suction capacity of the machine is what determines the quality and the popularity of the Shark LV801 Handheld Upholstery vacuum Cleaner. Comprises of powerful cyclonic suction, this particular Shark pet-friendly vacuum cleaner is equally efficient with or without any specialized cleaning heads. The suction power is so powerful that it will not leave the tiniest of dirt behind while cleaning.

7. Plenty of accessories are also included

like any other generic, great quality handheld vacuum cleaner, this Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Handheld Vacuum is also comprised of two speciated tools to make the cleaning process more elaborate and precise. Comprises of a motorized brush attachment and a crevice tool, lifting pet’ a hair from the floor, cushion, upholstery and even from the tiniest corner of your room. Whereas the crevice wand along with the crevice tool is a perfect accessory for reaching out to all those difficult to reach places for more precise cleaning, the motorized brush maximizes the entire experience.



  • Manufacturer : Shark Ninja
  • Model : LV801
  • Dimension : 6.3 X 4.8 X 15.5 Inches
  • Product Weight : 2.48 Pounds
  • Battery : 10.8 V Li-ion Battery
  • Dust Cup Capacity : 0.43 Quarts
  • Battery Charging Time : 6 hours
  • Average Run Time : Minimum Of 15 Minutes
  • Warranty : 2-year Limited Warranty



The Shark LV801 Pet Perfect Vacuum has a dust cup where all the dust is collected and it can be emptied easily and rinsed to clean up the vacuum cleaner.


There is a corded charger for charging the lithium ion battery present in the Shark LV801 Pet Perfect Vacuum.


So this is all about the Shark LV801 Pet Perfect Vacuum Review, you must check it before make decision. The invention of a handheld vacuum cleaner comes from a mutual interest in making emergency cleaning processes easy like a Sunday morning. This is a proven fact that the most powerful handheld and cordless vacuum cleaner can’t act as the primary cleaning solution of a home, no matter what. But these handheld ones are equally powerful and efficient to the classic canister or stick vacuum cleaners, but they only clack in size and no. of attachments they come with. Apart from that, and held vacuum cleaners are convenient, lightweight, portable and make emergency cleaning a breeze. The Shark model we have reviewed in this article is no difference at all. With powerful suction and an ergonomically designed outer body, this Shark Cordless Pet Perfect Handheld Vacuum practices what it preaches, which is efficiently wiping out the last bit of pet hair from space. If you are looking for a perfect companion to your regular heavy-duty cleaner model in a budget, then this shark handheld vacuum cleaner can be the perfect choice for you.

Shark LV801 Cordless Pet Perfect Lithium Ion Handheld Black Vacuum Cleaner image

The Shark LV801 cordless pet perfect handheld vacuum cleaner is a small and compact yet powerful vacuum cleaner, which is comprised of lithium-ion batteries, which can provide the user with a decent runtime of 15 minutes with 6 hours of charge. Comprises of a specialized crevice tool and a motorized brush, which along with the powerful cyclonic suction, this Shark LV801 Pet Perfect Vacuum cleaner maximizes the cleaning experience. A specialized cleaner for collecting pet hair from multiple surfaces, this Shark Vacuum cleaner can handle all the other small cleaning tasks pretty efficiently as well. Though the 0.43 quarts dust collecting cup seems very small, for an emergency cleaner, the capacity seems pretty decent.


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