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Top 8 Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum


Have you been on the hunt for a perfect handheld vacuum for your home interiors? If yes, then one of the most common and popular names that come to mind while thinking about handheld vacuum cleaners is Shark. In this, you will surely get a vacuum tool that will satisfy your needs and demands. Sometimes, we have to perform minor cleaning task and for that, it is not feasible to drag the giant and bulky vacuum cleaner around the house. So, what are you waiting for, let’s just take a tour of this article and get complete details on every single model of shark handheld vacuum.

Shark Handheld Vacuum Reviews

Shark hand vacs are the impressive combo of – performance, reliability, and owner satisfaction at a competitively best price in the market. The shark vacuum handheld has got nice reviews from the customers. People are really liking the design, suction strength and also the fact that shark rocket corded hand vac can be used for any type of floors in our home. They are light in weight and easy to carry. Shark has used the best technologies and there is more diversity in the functioning of shark rocket hand vac. Moreover, read the article and get candid with each and every handheld vac listed in this article. Based on your requirement, buy the best vac and keep your home neat and tidy.

List of Top 8 Shark Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro Vacuum Cleaner 321

Shark rocket deluxe pro ultra light upright vacuum weighs about 8 lbs cleans bare floors and deep cleans carpets. This lightweight vacuum is equipped with advanced swivel steering, a removable dust cup, and 2x the capacity of the original Rocket. shark rocket deluxepro hv321 is extremely manoeuvrable and provides amazing cleaning performance with steady suction. shark hv321 not only great on floors, but shark rocket deluxepro ultra-light upright (hv321) can be converted into a handheld vac, which allows easy cleaning above floors, and also when cleaning stairs, and furniture. The slim design and handy wand are perfect for reaching under furniture or those high narrow spaces that we can’t reach.

shark rocket deluxepro hv321 stick vacuum bagless

The LED light on the nozzle and hand vac illuminate the work area that helps us to easily spot the hidden debris. Shark rocket deluxepro hv321 stick vacuum – bagless includes accessories like the Duster Crevice tool, a pet/upholstery tool, a flexible hose and the Dust-Away Hard Floor attachment which are durable and can also be stored on board. The shark handheld pet vacuum also has a generous 30-ft. power cord. Let’s explore some of the pros and cons of shark deluxe pro. shark rocket deluxepro hv321 stick vacuum bagless provides versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning with the quick release foot pedal, is portable, and has multiple storage options.


  • Never Loses Suction or Power
  • Versatile Floor to Ceiling Cleaning, two vacuums in one
  • LED headlights in floor nozzle and hand vac
  • handheld shark vacuum has advanced Swivel Steering
  • shark hand vac deluxepro weighs only 8 lbs.


  • Manual adjustment to the floor type
  • this shark handheld vacuum has no a HEPA filter


Shark Pet Perfect II sv780 Vac Cleaner

Shark cordless pet perfect ii hand vac (sv780) is a powerful cordless vacuum that is convenient for cleaning multi-surface. Also, shark pet perfect ii sv780 vacuum cleaner works on twister cyclonic technology that delivers steady suction during cleaning job. Shark pet perfect ii hand vac sv780 has 18v battery along with charging stand. Pet owners may find shark cordless hand-held vacuum, sv780 very suitable for them. Because the truePet motorized brush for picking up the hair of pets from various surfaces is also present. Other accessories that we get with it are dusting brush and crevice tool. Shark pet perfect ii hand vac (sv780) is light in weight and easy to carry anywhere around the house.

shark sv780

As shark pet perfect ii is cordless and small in size, we can take shark cordless pet perfect ii anywhere around the house for cleaning task. Now, to know more about shark handheld vacuum, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of shark sv780 hand vacuum shark pet perfect ii as per the shark pet perfect ii reviews and they are as follows-


  • Powerful cordless vacuum for all surfaces.
  • Twister Cyclonic Technology offers strong suction 
  • 18V Battery, with charging stand/wall mount
  • TruePet Motorized Pet Brush 
  • shark handheld vacuum cleaner has dusting brush and crevice tool 


  • Modest capacity and difficult to remove debris
  • shark handheld vacuum has horrible Battery Life


Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292)

The Shark rocket hv292 weighs less than 4 ponds i.e.; shark rocket hand vac hv292 is ultra-lightweight and portable. shark rocket handvac hv292 comes with the TruePet Motorized Brush for deep cleaning. The shark hv292 rocket corded hand vac is ergonomically designed that shark rocket corded handheld vacuum, hv292 easily get fits into the palm of our hand and also has an easy-to-empty dust cup. The 15- foot-long power cord helps in covering a big cleaning radius. We can clean a whole room with shark rocket corded hand vac from start to finish without interruption as hv292 shark provides steady power.

Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292)

No need to touch the dust that gets collected in the vac. Because shark rocket corded hand vac has an easy way to empty the dirt cup. For that, you need to hold the dust cup over the trash and press the bottom release button on the front to vacate the dirt bin. The filters are washable and also reusable. Therefore, shark corded handheld vacuum requires zero level maintenance. Let’s explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292) given below-


  • Portable and lightweight(approx 4 pounds)
  • Equipped with TruePet Motorized Brush 
  • Easy-to-empty dustbin. 
  • 15-foot-long power cord
  • Powerful cleaning from start to finish.
  • The Mini Motorized Brush extracts pet hair, dirt, dust, and allergens from upholstery


  • the effectiveness of washable filter goes down with each washing in shark handheld vacuum.


Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum, Orange (HV302)

Shark rocket ultra-light upright (hv302) is lightweight and can be converted into a hand vac for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning. The shark rocket hv302 is equipped with swivel steering that controls when manoeuvring around furniture. Shark rocket ultralight upright (hv302) has two storage options: Either attach the hand vac to the bottom of the wand and keep shark rocket ultralight upright hv302 aside or attach shark handheld vacuum to the wall mount. We get a Home & Car Detail Kit with shark rocket ultra light upright vacuum hv302 and also the Dust-Away hard floor attachment that picks up dust your bare floors. Fingertip controls to easily switch from hard floor to carpet.

shark rocket hv302 vacuum cleaner

Shark rocket hv302 vacuum cleaner gives the verstality in cleaning floor to ceiling. This is light in weight so we can hold it easily can take anywhere around the house for cleaning task. Let’s go through the pros an cons of Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum, Orange (HV302).


  • lightweight and versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning.
  • shark hv302 rocket has two Speed Brush Roll
  • shark hand vac has home & Car Detail Kit
  • Fingertip controls to easily switch from hard floor to carpet.
  • shark rocket ultra-light upright vacuum (hv302) has dual storage options. 


  • One-way Cleaning
  • shark rocket ultralight hv302 is noisy


Shark Rocket Complete hv382

Shark duoclean rocket corded ultralight upright vacuum, charcoal gray (hv382) works on DuoClean Technology and for that two brushrolls work in unison to remove the various size of dirt from the floors and carpets. The Shark rocket with duoclean (hv382) weighs 10 lbs, i.e.; very lightweight upright vacuum that easily converts into a hand vac for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning. Shark rocket complete hv382 vac also has powerful LED lights on the hand vac and nozzle, brushroll access for quick and easy maintenance, and a pet multi-tool to capture embedded pet hair on surfaces. Read shark duoclean reviews to get clear view about shark hv382 vac.

shark hv382

The bristle brushroll of shark rocket complete with duoclean vacuum cleaner works relentlessly against the dirt and debris stuck in carpets. Shark duoclean powered lift-away speed vacuum pulls in high piles of scattered mess in the house. Also, shark rocket duoclean hv382 sucks up large particles when confronted with bigger dust and debris. Moreover, to know more about shark duoclean rocket corded ultralight vacuum (hv382) go through the pros and cons of shark rocket complete with duoclean hv382.


  • DuoClean Technology with the bristle brush to deep clean carpets,
  • shark duoclean vacuum is light in weight
  • Brushroll garage for easy access to the brush roll for maintenance
  • Pet Multi-Tool designed to capture embedded pet hair on all surfaces.
  • LED Lights on the floor nozzle and hand vac to help spot hidden debris throughout your home.


  • shark hv382 is a bit big for a handheld
  • shark rocket hv382 has a small dust canister


Shark Rocket Truepet Ultra-Light Upright (hv322)

Shark rocket truepet ultra light hv322 weighs 9 lbs, an ultra-lightweight upright vacuum that can be easily transformed into a hand vac and into a handstick for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning. The shark rocket truepet ultra-light upright (hv322) is equipped with powerful LED lights on the hand vac and nozzle that illuminate the dark areas. Due to this we can easily notice the dust and clean it. A vacuum cleaner is very useful when it comes to picking up the pet hair. Shark hv322 comes with the Pet Multi-Tool, that captures the embedded pet hair on any surfaces. Also, shark rocket truepet hv322 stick vacuum – bagless picks up cat litter and stuck-on debris.

shark hv322

Shark rocket hv322 is a bagless and very effective in picking up the pet hair strands. The 2X-Capacity Dust Cup in shark rocket hv322 truepet ultra light upright vacuum allows us to extend the cleaning process without worrying about the filling of the dirt cup of shark rocket deluxepro truepet hv322. Therefore, to know more about the shark rocket truepet ultra-light hv322, read the pros and cons of shark rocket truepet hv322 stick vacuum bagless given below.


  • Ultra-lightweight (9 lbs), shark handheld vacuum transforms into a handheld vac for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning
  • picks up surface litter and scattered debris, providing superior bare floor cleaning
  • hv322 shark has pet Multi-Tool to capture pet hair on all surfaces
  • Powerful LED lights on the hand vac and nozzle help to spot hidden debris in the dark cleaning area
  • 2X-Capacity Dust Cup allows for extended cleaning without interruption
  • Advanced Swivel Steering that can be manoeuvred around furniture 


  • shark rocket hv322 truepet ultra-light upright vacuum has small dirt cup capacity as compared to other vacs
  • shark® rocket® hv322 truepet™ ultra-light upright vacuum has a high pitched whistling sound that can be irritating


Shark np317w Vacuum Cleaner

Being lightweight and portable vacuum, this seems to be small but does the great cleaning in your home. Shark power pod vacuum easily gets into tight spaces and corners with the flexible hose and upholstery brush, crevice tool, and dusting brush. The shark power pod lift-around anti-allergy portable vacuum offers steady powerful suction, has an easy to empty dust cup. A 25-foot power cord allows manoeuvring a long way while cleaning away. Shark Power np317w is a vacuum that is not only impressive but also super lightweight and gets the job done right. Therefore, this portable Vacuum should be the one you must keep in your cleaning closet.

shark np317w

Shark power pod lift-around anti-allergy portable vacuum is a great vacuum, very portable, works well, pulls animal hair you didn’t even know you had, out of the couch. Customers are liking shark np317w vacuum, due to lightweight and is very easy to carry around. Shark power pod is easy to empty dust pan too. The shark lift around portable vacuum has generous cord length that covers a big cleaning radius.


  • Corded, portable hand vacuum for whole-house cleaning
  • Includes: Upholstery brush, 6-inch crevice tool, and dusting brush
  • Easily gets into crevices, tight spaces, and corners with flexible hose
  • Anti-Allergy Complete Seal technology
  • shark lift around vacuum never loses suction


  • Accessory for the floor is very small.


Shark sv75 Hand Vac

Shark pet perfect sv75 comes with rechargeable batteries, so you won’t have to position your car by an outlet and you can take shark handheld vacuum with you on trips to clean out all the dirt that accumulates. The shark cordless handheld vacuum sv75 comes with a wall-mountable charging stand, so you can charge overnight. Cyclonic cleaning system in shark cordless pet perfect hand vac sv75 prevents clogging by circulating the dust inside the vacuum, keeping it away from the filter. This helps the vacuum never lose suction power. shark hand vac sv75 has a good-sized dust cup that eliminates the need for bags.

shark sv75

The filter detaches and washes easily, so very less or negligible maintenance is required for shark hand vacuum that won’t give you headaches. shark cordless pet perfect model sv75 has all-important crevice tool for cleaning tight spots and a motorized dusting brush. The motorized brush has wide-mouthed that effectively picks up pet hair. We have the option to remove the attachments and clean surfaces using direct suction in shark cordless hand vacuum. Now, read out some of the pros and cons of the handheld sv75 vac.


  • Detachable motorized brush for deep cleaning on carpet, upholstery, and more
  • shark cordless hand vac has rechargeable battery with LED charging indicator
  • Twister cyclonic technology maintains strong suction
  • Versatile accessories for a customizable clean
  • shark hand vacuum has easy to empty bagless dust cup


  • shark handheld vacuum loses a charge pretty quickly


Why choose Shark Handheld Vacuum?

While buying any home appliance, we all have an image in our mind that what features and qualities we need. The one that suits and meets all your demands, you end up buying that appliance. When it comes to buying a handheld vacuum cleaner, we check on suction strength, battery life, warranty of the tool, structural flawless, durability, dust capacity and much more. So, keeping all these things in mind Shark has developed multiple models in shark rocket handheld vacuum equipped with the latest technology and awesome features. We are sure you will get a perfect combo-pack with a reasonable price. So, go through the whole article and pick the most suited shark hand held vacuum.

Shark Vacs well designed that they get fit into the hands like a tailor-made glove that gives us a nice grip on the tool. Pet owners are well aware of the fact that sometimes how irritating it becomes to get done with the pet hair cleaning task. So, shark cordless pet perfect hand vac effectively extracts the hair strands and keep the corners and furniture of your home neat and clean. All the Shark handheld vacuums are designed so perfectly that they require very less maintenance.


There are many manufacturing companies for a vacuum cleaner, every time they come up with user- friendly technologies. The one who satisfies all the demands of the customer becomes the king of the market. Shark cordless hand vac has used latest technologies in its vacs to make them more feasible and user-friendly. We hope that this article was useful and helped you knowing better about Shark Handheld Vacuums.  So, without thinking twice buy the shark handheld vacuum and get rid of a messy house in minutes without applying much effort. Moreover, refer our website for other latest handheld vacuum cleaners that are available in the market.

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