Shark CH901 UltraCyclone Pro VS CH951 Pet Pro Plus Comparison Guide

Shark CH 951 Vs CH 901

Vacuum cleaners are available in almost all types from bulky bagged ones to lightweight hand vacs. One of the best rated and simple to use models is hand vacuum cleaners. Though robot vacuum cleaners are more preferable, many people still like to choose handheld vacuums. Shark company is one of the well-known firms in the production of vacuum cleaners. Shark CH 951 UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus and Shark CH 901 UltraCyclone Pro are cordless handheld vacuum cleaners that are the most happening handheld vacuum cleaners. In this Shark CH951 VS CH901 guide, the differentiation of their features will help you figure out which one to buy.

Shark CH951 VS CH901 Pet Vacuum Comparison Chart

Shark CH951 UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus Cordless Handheld Vacuum imageShark CH901 UltraCyclone Pro Cordless Handheld Vacuum image
Basics InfoShark CH951 UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus Cordless Handheld VacuumShark CH901 UltraCyclone Pro Cordless Handheld Vacuum
Dimension20.8 X 3.8 X 4.3 Inches19.92 x 8.35 x 6.02 Inches
Weight2.8 Pounds2.2 Pounds
Recharge time6 hours 6 hours
ColorBlackIn Green
Dust Cup Capacity0.45 Quarts0.45 Quarts
Filter TypeFabric FilterFabric Filter
Washable FilterYesYes
BatteriesNot requiredNot required
Battery TypeLithium-IonLithium-Ion
Motorized BrushNoNo
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Check PriceCheck Price

Shark UltraCyclone Pro vs Pet Pro Plus Review


Shark CH951 ultraCyclone pet pro plus and Shark CH901 UltraCyclone Pro both generate suction power by fusing two cyclonic air streams. Such a good suction power can clean all waste of the whole day in just a few minutes. In addition, you don’t have to move the vacuum cleaner to one place for more than one time to clean it due to its superb suction power. If you consider this feature, then there’s a tie between both the Shark cordless handheld vacuums.

Filtration Technology

Filtration technology is very important in vacuum cleaners as the exhausted air needs to be dirt-free. Otherwise, it will again spread the dust everywhere. In Shark CH 950 and 901, fabric filters are used, which work with more than 99% efficiency and are long-lasting. We can also wash this filter manually. So, this feature is also the same in both devices, and you can buy any one of your choices if you are looking forward to buying cleaners with the best filtration technology.


If we compare the weight of both these cordless handheld vacuums, then Shark CH 951 has 2.8 Pounds of weight, and Shark CH 901 has 1.98 Pounds. So, there isn’t much difference in the weight of both the items. Shark CH 901 has all the facilities that CH 951 has, but it weighs less. But the difference is almost negligible.


Handheld vacuum cleaners are easy to use if they are portable. The devices Shark CH 951 and Shark CH 901 don’t have a major weight difference. Shark CH 901 is somewhat less weight but both are easily portable. You can easily carry it to your garage and clean your car without any hassle.

Precision Cleaning Accessories

Shark CH 951 and CH 901 come with a crevice tool that reaches all the hard-to-reach areas of our home like corners, around vents, around radiators, and many more places. They both also come with a scrubbing brush. But Shark CH 951 comes with a self-cleaning Pet Power Brush, which is detachable. So, if you need a pet power brush, you can opt for Shark CH 951.

Debris Emptying

Both the devices – Shark CH 951 and Shark CH 901 have the facility of hands-free debris disposal. You don’t have to remove the dust with your hands. You just need to press the button given, and You can empty all the dust into the dustbin. So, there is also a tie, and you can prefer any of them.


Both these pet handheld vacuum cleaners from Shark have many similarities, there is some difference by which you can distinguish both of them and can decide which one to buy. Both the cordless vacs are good in their own way, but the decision is yours. If you need a portable and lightweight vacuum cleaner, then you can go for Shark CH 901. If you want a Pet Power Brush as your accessory, then you can go for Shark CH 951. The main thing – The Filtration Technology used in both is the same. Now, it’s your decision.

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