ONSON Stick D18E Vacuum Cleaner – Lightweight yet powerful in cleaning!

Onson Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review 2023

Do you have a pet at home? I do, and I know how it feels like having a furry friend. You love them the most, can’t stay without them, and neither can you get away from their habit of shading hair everywhere they go. Whether it is a sofa or couch, bed or a carpet, you will find pet hair everywhere.

The downside to this is that, although in the starting pet hair may not affect you, slowly and gradually, you might start having allergic reactions, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and so much more. Cleaning your home, and getting rid of pet hairs is the only solution for you. But is it that easy? Well, no its not. Because pet hair are semi-translucent and almost negligible to the naked eye.

So, how to clean your home? Answer to that is in our Onson Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review, the Onson Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. It is one of the Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair proven by thorough research. This stick vacuum may appear to look very small, but do not underestimate it, as it has some qualities that are going to leave you baffled. Upon testing and studying several Onson vacuum reviews, we provided the below info on Onson D18E cordless stick vacuum.

ONSON 12KPa Stick Vacuum Cleaner D18E Pro Details

Therefore, in this article, we are going to introduce you to the Best Lightweight Handheld Vacuum, which is a pro in pet hair cleaning. Not only that, but it also comes cordless. If the hose length is long enough, then you can cover the entire room plus the adjacent rooms at one go itself. But in case the hose is small, you will have to plug and unplug it, from one place to another, making it very inconvenient. But that is not the case here with Onson Stick Vacuum Cleaner. It comes cordless, lightweight, and with good battery life, making it very easy for you to clean the house on your own.

In the Onson D18E Handheld Vacuum Review, we are also going to cover all its features to you with elaboration, so that you may know the exact scenario, and the machine before you buy it. But we promise you are going to address its shortcomings as well, so that you may know what you are getting into. This Best Rechargeable Hand Vac is also noiseless, so people with pets, children, or any noise issue can relax, as this is a big thumbs up from our end.


  • Cordless
  • Super Cleaning Powerful Motor
  • Lightweight
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Runtime
  • Bagless
  • Washable Filters
  • Battery Capacity
  • Versatile

1. Cordless

The common problem with a traditional vacuum cleaner is that they are corded. Whenever you start cleaning your house, you always have to plug vacuum cleaner to some power source. In such event, the power source should be nearby since a cord cannot be overextended. Once you go through onson cordless vacuum reviews, you will definately loves it compactable design.

You cannot cover big rooms or hall of your house if the cord length is short. It restricts you, and it reflects on your ability to clean the house or office. But you can eliminate that by opting for the Onson Cordless Vacuum. With this cordless vacuum, you do not have to worry about the power source or length of the cord.

2. Super Cleaning Powerful Motor

Whenever you buy a vacuum cleaner, you start expecting efficiency from vacuum cleaners. And that is obvious since you have paid money so that you may have comfort and reduction in efforts. In order to have perfect cleaning, the motor should be powered sufficiently. It is the prime most requirements for any vacuum cleaner. A powerful motor is essential for a vacuum cleaner if you want to clean your house in less amount of time.

Surprisingly, the Onson Stick Vacuum Cleaner has a super cleaning powerful motor which is specially designed to optimize the cleaning process. With the help of this vacuum cleaner, you can clean your home within half an hour.

3. Lightweight

The vacuum cleaner should be lightweight. Most of the public who buy vacuum cleaners are the aged people since most of them have pain in their joints or back. In order to reduce the pain and clean the house with comfort, your vacuum cleaner should be light in weight.

If your vacuum cleaner is heavy, it is quite a hard job to lift the cleaner and move to other places every time. You can have a hard time if your vacuum cleaner is heavy. But you can always have the option of buying the Onson Handheld Vacuum. This cleaner is light in weight. The overall weight of this product is just 3.08 pounds.

4. Low Noise Operation

The noise is a common issue faced by many vacuum cleaner users. This is one of the most irritation factors which cannot be eliminated if you possess a traditional vacuum cleaner. Especially when you have kids at home, you cannot use it while they are asleep. Even pets get scared due to the harsh noise of vacuum cleaners.

It might cause you a headache if you are under pressure due to some other stuff going in your life. This issue can be resolved by using the Onson Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. This product is specifically designed to reduce noise. It is one of the best low noise vacuum cleaners in the market.

5. Running Time

Running time is another problem which annoys the user. Suppose you have planned to clean your whole house and you started doing that. But in mid-way, your vacuum cleaner runs out of charge. Then again, you have to charge the cleaner and start it over. This is just a waste of time when you have to clean your entire house in instalments.

The running time should be sufficient so that you can clean your house or office in one shot. Opting for the Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum For Pet Hair, you can save a lot of time since it provides you with the battery backup up to 40 minutes. The battery backup depends upon the mode in which you are using it.

6. Bagless

Disposing of garbage while cleaning a house or office with vacuum cleaner, the bag may get torn off, and the dust will litter all over the place again. Your hard work will go in vain if that happens. The solution to this problem is that your vacuum cleaner should contain a dirt without a bag so that you can be on the safe side.

As mentioned in Onson Stick Vacuum Cleaner Reviews, it is one of the best bagless vacuum cleaners available in the market. This vacuum cleaner comes with a dirt cup in which all the dirt sucked by the vacuum is collected. After completion of the cleaning process, you can trash the dirt into your dustbin by opening the dirt cup. It is easy, as well as convenient to use.

7. Washable Filters

The filtration unit is an essential part of a vacuum cleaner since it is responsible for collecting all the germs. Besides this, cleaning the filters should be easy to reduce the effort of the user. Most of the vacuum cleaner does not provide washable filters. After using the filter couple of times, you have to replace it with a new one.

This increases the cost of vacuum cleaner whenever you buy a filter. But the Onson Vacuum Cleaner comes with washable filters. You can easily wash the filters after using your vacuum twice or thrice. You do not have to invest in buying filter ever again once you have bought this Best Rechargeable Hand Vac.

8. Battery Capacity

In most of the cordless vacuum, the problem of battery capacity arises. Battery with high capacity is heavy. So to add high capacity battery without increasing the overall weight is quite a challenge. Somehow, the Onson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner managed both at the same time. The battery used in this device is of 2200 mAh. The time taken for charging this battery is between 4 to 5 hours. The battery does not increase the overall weight; therefore, it is one of the Best Lightweight Handheld Vacuum available in the market.

9. Versatile

When the vacuum cleaner is versatile, it is easy to clean all things with just one device. The Onson Handheld Vacuum can be operated in different modes. It is ideal for all kinds of surfaces such as hardwood, carpet, car seats, and many more. This device has two modes, which changed the brush accordingly. One mode is an expert in cleaning of surfaces such as carpets and sofas, and another mode is ideal for hard surfaces such as hardwood.



  • Manufacturer : Onson
  • Model : D18E
  • Dimension : 26.8 x 8.9 x 6.3 inches
  • Product Weight : 3.08 pounds
  • Suction Power : 12 KPA
  • Dirt Cup Capacity : 0.55 L
  • Battery Capacity : 2200 mAh
  • Battery Runtime : 20 – 40 minutes
  • Charging Time : 4 -5 Hours



The Onson Stick Vacuum Cleaner cleaner uses washable HEPA filters which can be taken out and put back after cleaning under running tap water or lukewarm water.


For at least three years, you would not need to replace the battery in Onson Stick Vacuum Cleaner.


HEPA filters designed for the Onson Stick Vacuum Cleaner, are available on Amazon and can be purchased for replacement.


The Onson Cordless Vacuum takes 4 to 5 hours to full charge.


Average runtime of the Onson Stick cordless Vacuum Cleaner is around 30 minutes.


This Onson Handheld Vacuum can run for 20 minutes on the MAX mode.


Yes, you can clean carpets and rugs using the Onson Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner.


So it is all about Onson Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review, hope you find it helpful. The Onson Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is one of the Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum for Car. The reason why we say that is because it comes as a stick vacuum, and is very compact. The cordless design makes it more and more convenient to use in a car.

You can easily hold the vacuum cleaner through its handles, and poke it around the car, under the seat, on the dashboard, and use it as you find fit. Another feature that made me love this product Onson Cordless Vacuum is that it comes noiseless and bagless. The quiet part is a great feature that most vacuum cleaners lack. They all make too much noise, giving me a mild headache.

But while I was using the Onson Cordless Vacuum, I didn’t have any problem with the sound, my kids were calmly sleeping upstairs, and neither did my dog bark startled by any noise. The bagless feature is another thumbs up for me, and am sure if you are a person who hates having to buy new bags again and again, then you will agree with me on this. You don’t have to through away any bag. Instead, you have to open the lid to the dust cup and empty this Onson Stick Vacuum Cleaner into a garbage can.

There may be times when the dust container has become very dirty. in such cases, you can easily wash it with a wet towel and some detergent. Another feature that I would like to highlight is its flexible head movement. This Best Rechargeable Hand Vac can move in 360 degrees, and will easily clean your house thoroughly without missing any spot. Hope you got the required info in this Onson D18E Pro review.


Summarizing the Onson D18E reviews, this Onson Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a deep cleaning machine, with a powerful motor, strong suction, bagless structure, and lightweight design. On using this, you won’t have to go through the useless headache of dealing with noise, as this machine is very silent while operating.

The only downside to this machine is that you have to be very gentle while using it, as it is not very durable. But if you keep your Onson Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner well-maintained, it will last for a long time.


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