DIY Handheld Vacuum Cleaner- Build your own cleaning machine!!

Vacuum cleaners work by creating a low- pressure area due to which a force is exerted inward that pulls the air inside the tube. Whatever dust and debris particles that present in and around that air get pulled into the tube as well. In theory, this sounds very simple and yet, vacuum cleaners are so pricey and deemed so electrically complex. We don’t want to fill your head with anything conflicting to this, but we can offer you a sneaky way into making your own cheap and effective DIY Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. 

How to make a handheld vacuum cleaner image
How to make a handheld vacuum cleaner image

How To Make A Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

First of all, let us go over the prerequisites for making this DIY vacuum cleaner. These necessities aren’t too difficult to find and you will find most of them lying around your house. 

There is a storage compartment in a vacuum cleaner that accumulates all the pulled in debris and dirt particles and we shall start by finalizing the requisite for it. For the storage compartment, we will make use of a small empty plastic bottle (super easy to find). Get yourself something to cut; also, a pair of scissors or a sharp knife would do. You will need a deodorant bottle along with a mesh bandage that you find in first aid boxes. You will also need a glue gun and for the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, a bending pipe. 

Also, find a drill, nails, hacksaw and a hammer. Also, if you want to add a personal beautifying touch to your DIY Handheld vacuum cleaner, then grab stuff that you would like to decorate your vacuum cleaner with. Oh, and get a marker, soldering rod and a metal ruler as well. For the handle, feel free to grab any cardboard or polystyrene sheet. 

How To Make Your Handheld Vacuum Suction?

  • Cut a plastic in the middle to get equal halves for the body and the storage bag of the vacuum cleaner. Now, using a hacksaw, cut the deodorant bottle from the bottom, top and then along the cylindrical height to obtain a flat sheet of metal. 
  • Now let us construct the fan. The fan of the vacuum cleaner will be made out of the metal sheet we cut out earlier. Grab the cut-out plastic bottle and place it on the flat sheet of metal. Draw around the circumference of the plastic bottle on the flat sheet using a marker. You have now obtained a circle drawn on the metal sheet, which is the circumference of the plastic bottle. Cut along the marked circle on the metal sheet to obtain a circular metal disc. Time to use the metal ruler and get into some geometry now- use the metal ruler to draw two perfect sets of perpendiculars on the surface of the sheet or divide the circular sheet into eight equal segments from the center. Take the hammer and beat a nail through the center of the disk. Now make precise cuts along the several lines but make sure not to cut all the way through, stop near the hole. Now twist all the blades along the same direction to obtain a fan. 
  • Take the 12V DC motor we asked you to procure and attach the refill of a ballpoint pen over the rotating rod and push it against it to tighten the attachment. Just keep the refill up to 10 mm after the rod and cut the extra refill. Now, slide the fan over the refill through the fan’s center. Using the glue gun, attach the hole of the fan to the refill at the junction. Make a circle along the circumference at the base of the bottle. So that the DC motor gets inside it tightly. Take the soldering rod to make small hollows around the bottom of the bottle to let there be a passage for exhaust air to pass outside. 
  • Now, cut along the circle you just made at the base of the bottle for the DC motor to fit in. Once you have fit the motor at the right place, glue it to the bottle after making sure the fan is already inside!
  • Now take the mesh bandage and spread it over the open end of the top part of the cut-out bottle. The edge of the plastic bottle has to be trimmed and leave just 10mm extra space. This will be sort of a filter. Tape the spare part with the outside of the plastic bottle. Now just attach the front part with the open end of the base. It has the fan and the motor and secures it using sticky tape into an airtight seal. 
  • Now for the nozzle and the plastic tube, take the cap of the ex- bottle and cut a hole so that the plastic tube fits through it. Glue the tube in the cap. Now take a Vaseline box or a small bottle; let us use a Vaseline box and cut a hole at its end, big enough to fit in the open end of the plastic tube in it. Here you have your nozzle. 
  • Let us now bring the complete assembly process to an end. Just screw the cap of the bottle onto the bottle and the body is complete. If you want to decorate your vacuum cleaner, then let your creativity run wild. 
  • Let us construct the handle of the DIY vacuum cleaner; you can choose from polystyrene or cardboard. Cut out whatever shape of handle you want and then tape it or glue it to the body of the bottle. If you wish, you can also make feet of your vacuum cleaner to give it a stable standing position. 

Take the wire of the motor and plug it into the main power supply. Kudos! Here you have your DIY Vacuum Cleaner.

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