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Hoover Platinum Collection Linx Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, bh50030


A vacuum cleaner creates a vacuum to suck up all the dirt and dust. But using the canister vacuum for small cleaning jobs may be sometimes irritating. That is why we have come with best cordless handheld vacuum, hoover bh50030 that will help you save your time. Small hand vacuum is very easy to carry and also requires less effort to clean surfaces. There can be no better option other than hoover platinum collection linx handheld vacuum to perform small cleaning jobs. Therefore, read the complete article and hoover linx review to get the complete details about the hoover linx cordless bh50030 vacuum cleaner.

Hoover Linx bh50030 Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover cordless linx vacuum cleaner is equipped with pet hair cleaning tool to remove those stuck pet hair in carpets and couch. The Hoover linx cordless hand vacuum – bh50030 has a lithium-ion battery that is replaceable and provides fade-free power for a longer period. Hoover platinum collection linx cordless pet handheld vacuum bh50030 also has a brush roll and 25-degree pivot design for easy manoeuvrability. The triple blade design in the hoover hand vac grabs the pet hair stuck to upholstery. The deluxe dusting brush has two rows of soft bristles for cleaning delicate surfaces. Also, 2 years of warranty is provided on battery and charger of hoover platinum linx bh50030. For more, refer handheld vacuum reviews 2019 provided here.

hoover bh50030


Hoover linx cordless vacuum is very comfortable to hold and use, powerful, has good battery life, and also the motorized brush head in Hoover cordless linx is best for cleaning stairs and car interior carpeting. bh50030 best hand vacuum 2019 has high suction as compared to contemporary vacuum cleaners. The rubber bars are great for snagging stubborn pet fur. The Hoover pet hair tools have always been great for getting the hair off furniture. The dust bin is really small. The lithium-ion battery in best handheld vacuum for pet hair will give you nearly full power up until they hit the charge cutoff. So unlike older and other batteries where the power becomes weak for the last half of the charge, Lithium-ion batteries in hoover hand vacuum cleaners are useful during the whole runtime.

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bh50030 Hoover Linx review

If you are looking for a hand held cordless vacuum cleaner, then hoover platinum collection linx cordless pet handheld vacuum, bh50030 is the best option for you to go with. Hoover linx cordless pet hand vacuum silver bh50030 has a replaceable and powerful battery system. Hoover linx handheld vacuum bh50030 has earned nice reviews from people using Hoover bh50030 best hand vacuum cleaner. So, do all your research process on the hoover linx cordless vacuum and buy a cordless hand held vacuum cleaner from Amazon hand vacuum at the best cost. Do not bother as you are investing in the right way. For more details, read best cordless hand vacuum hoover linx reviews.

Hoover Linx Cordless Vacuum bh50030 Highlights

  • Great 3 blade design in Hoover portable hand vacuum cleaner is an option for removing pet hair.
  • The larger dusting brush in hoover best handheld vacuum for pet hair stands for another best choice to keep the surfaces neat as new.
  • The powerful interchangeable battery in hoover linx cordless vacuum gives better performance and comes with Energy Star battery charger.
  • Battery fuel gauge to show the remaining amount of battery.
  • bh50030 hoover hand vacuum cordless has 25 degrees Rotating PowerHead for cleaning tight narrow spaces.
  • Hand held hoover vac has integrated dusting brush and crevice tool.

Hoover Platinum Collection Linx bh50030 Specification

Techincal Details Description
Product Name
Product Dimension 19.2 x 6.4 x 10 inches
Item Weight 3.2 pounds
Manufacturer Hoover
Item Model Number BH50030
Bagless Yes
Brushroll Window Yes
Filtration Features Replaceable, Washable
Nozzle Width 2.25 In
Sealed Allergen System Standard
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Cleaning Path 2.25 In
Grip Type Comfort Grip Handle
Perfect for Pets Yes
Secondary Filtration micro
Battery Volts 18V Volts
Cordless Yes
Warranty 2 years

Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless Pet Handheld Vacuum, BH50030

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Quick Hoover Linx Cordless BH50030  Overview

Fade-free lithium ion 18 volts battery

Hoover cordless handheld vacuum also has interchangeable 18 volts Lithium Ion battery that ensures the battery sustains power until it gets drained completely. As it is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, you can take Hoover handheld vacuum around the house without worrying about charging again and again.  So for more details and information, refer small hand vacuum reviews provided here.

Hoover best Hand Vacuum Cleaner  comes with Pet Tool Kit

BH50030 Hoover best handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a pet toolkit and is great for homes with pets and naughty kids. Therefore, if you have kids and pets in your home, then Hoover best hand held vacuum is best for you. Hoover handheld cordless vacuum can clean the pet hair and all the mess created by the kids like spilling of cheerios on the couch or carpet. It becomes too difficult to catch them one by one. So, buy best handheld cordless vacuum and save your time. Also, do not stop your children from playing and enjoying in the home. Therefore, for more information, read the handheld hoover reviews.

hoover platinum linx handheld ensures Detail Cleaning

Hoover platinum collection linx handheld comes with an integrated dust brush and crevice tool that provides detailed cleaning in the small spaces and narrow corners along with the carpeted stairs. There are various corners and spaces where our hand cannot reach, but the crevice tool in the hoover best handheld cordless vacuum cleaner can easily reach that place and clear out all the dust and dirt dwelling there.

On-Board Tools

Hoover small handheld vacuum comes with onboard tools that are specially designed for cleaning the pet hair from furniture and the upholstery. There are spaces on the furniture and upholstery where we can clean properly without using the hoover best handheld vacuum cleaner. Therefore, use Hoover bh50030 handheld cordless vacuum cleaner to clean those tough to reach areas.

Ergonomic Design

As per the hand vacuum reviews, hoover platinum collection linx cordless pet handheld vacuum, bh50030 is very well designed that hoover handheld vacuums nicely get fit into our hand and used as the best hand vacuum for pet hair. So, if you get the comfortable grip on the Hoover small handheld vacuum cleaner, then it becomes little easier to clean the surfaces effortlessly.

Last update was on: July 30, 2019 4:07 am

Hoover bh50030 Pros and Cons


  • As per handheld vacuum reviews 2019, Hoover bh50030 is best for removing pet hair from carpets and stairs.
  • The battery indicator is present. Therefore, due to this, you get to know that what amount of charge is left and when you have to put hoover platinum collection linx handheld into charging.
  • Hoover best cordless handheld vacuum takes only 3 hours to get fully charged.
  • Hoover bh50030 best handheld vacuum 2019 has an interchangeable battery which is very easy to remove.
  • 25-degree rotating powerhead for cleaning tough corners in the home
  • Battery fuel gauge is present to show the remaining amount of charge left in the vacuum cleaner
  • Hoover handheld vacuum has great 3 blade design to remove the stubborn, nasty pet hair easily
  • Hoover linx vacuum is integrated with dusting brush and crevice tool to make the cleaning process effective


  • Hoover hand held vacuum cleaner Dirt capacity is low
  • Battery replacement is quite expensive


Hoover platinum collection linx cordless pet handheld vacuum, bh50030 is an amazing high-end cordless vacuum. Hoover linx cordless bh50030 is powerful, efficient and also very well designed a vacuum cleaner. The accessories attached to hoover platinum collection linx handheld makes a big difference from other contemporary vacuum cleaners. Pet owners are most benefitted from bh50030 Hoover best handheld vacuum 2019. But also those having kids at home can make use of its motorized brush roll. Therefore, read the hoover linx review to know more about the hoover linx vacuum cleaner and also pet hair hand vacuum hoover linx amazon sale.

8.7 Total Score
Hoover linx bh50030 review

Hoover platinum collection linx cordless pet handheld vacuum, bh50030 is suitable for small cleaning jobs. Hoover bh50030 is best for pet hair removal, has high suction power and battery indicator. Read to know more.

ease of use
  • best for removing pet hair from carpets and stairs.
  • the battery indicator is present.
  • takes only 3 hours to get fully charged.
  • has an interchangeable battery which is very easy to remove.
  • 25-degree rotating powerhead for cleaning tough corners in the home
  • Dirt capacity is low
  • Battery replacement is quite expensive
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