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Eureka Handheld Vacuum

Stop dragging a full-size canister around your home to perform small cleaning processes and get to know best handheld vacuum cleaner 2018 here. Prefer handheld hand vacuum cleaners as they are easy to lift and require less effort to clean things. Therefore, if you need an inexpensive still powerful hand vac with the ability to clean both carpeted and non carpeted areas, Eureka rapidclean step handheld corded vacuum 41a is your best option.

Eureka rapid clean 41a is perfect for sucking pet hair, cat litter along with cleaning upholstery. Eureka vacuum cleaner 41a has 25 feet cord length and also motorized brush control system to clean both carpeted as well as non-carpeted areas. So, take a complete tour of this article to know about the best hand vacuum cleaner.

Eureka Handheld Vacuum 41A

Eureka is known for its vacuum cleaners whether upright, canister, sticks, handheld, home built- in systems and many more types. The Eureka rapid clean vacuum 41a has a black design with an on/off brush roll and bare floor brush. Eureka 41a vacuum also has two rolling wheels attached beneath the 41A so that it becomes easier to drive the device around the house.

The cord is also 25 feet long that enable us to clean an entire staircase and also the car interior without unplugging. You can easily carry eureka rapidclean step 41a vacuum cleaner because Eureka handheld vac 41a does not have much weight.

While cleaning the soft surfaces, the bare floor brush in eureka rapidclean step handheld corded vacuum 41a can be flipped up and locked into place to reveal the motorized brush roll which can be turned off or on. Also, users have great success while cleaning the stairs, couches and chairs. Eureka handheld vac also does a great job of sucking pet hair off carpets and upholstery. Therefore, check out Eureka vacuum cleaners reviews and we hope you would surely love Eureka commercial vacuum.


  • Bare floor brush & On/Off brush roll
  • 28 Feet reach systems with a 25 ft cord, 3 ft hose, and crevice tool
  • Soft, easy roll wheels to prevent scratches on hard floors
  • Powerful 6 Amp motor for superior cleaning performance

Best hand vacuum 41 Eureka vacuum cleaners can be used to clean the carpeted area as well as bare floors. Eureka 41a hand vac is the best Hand Vac for pet hair.

Eureka handheld vacuum cleaner also has an on/off brush roll and a bare floor brush that is used to clean the non-carpeted stairs and hard surfaces. Also, flip the bare floor brush up and turn on the brush roll to clean the carpeted stairs and also upholstered furniture in the home.

As Eureka vacuum cleaner is a corded vacuum cleaner, so you need to plug in and use Eureka commercial vacuum. Therefore, Eureka upright vacuum allows you to clean upto 28 feet away area without plugging off. Eureka handheld vacuum is very easy to hold and also has high sucking strength that makes Eureka hand vacuum able to clean effectively. Buy best handheld vacuum for pet hair and keep your house neat and clean without investing so much effort and energy.

Eureka vacuum cleaner has roll wheels that which protects our shiny floor from getting scratched. Therefore, buy a handheld vacuum cleaner by Eureka at an affordable price and get a small handheld vacuum machine that will help you clean your home. Before buying, check hand vacuum reviews.

The best handheld vacuum, 41A Eureka upright vacuum has 6 amp power that provides the high suction pressure needed for the superior cleaning process. Due to high suction pressure, Eureka handheld vacuum is able to pick even a small hair strand on the surface. Therefore, go through the handheld vacuum reviews. Without thinking twice buy hand vacuum cleaner 41A Eureka at a reasonable price on Amazon hand vacuum sale for Eureka Rapidclean step handheld corded vacuum 41a.


Specification Name Value
Product Name
Eureka RapidClean Step Handheld Vacuum, 41A
15 x 8 x 7 inches
Item Weight
4.85 pounds
Item model number
Dust Container
Washable (Eureka DCF-11)

41A Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Review

Eureka vacuum handheld is specifically designed for carpeted and non-carpeted stairs and is best pet hair hand vacuum. Eureka vacuum cleaner have an on/off brush roll and a bare floor brush that can be used to clean the non-carpeted stairs and hard surfaces. Also, you can flip the bare floor brush up and turn on the brush roll to clean the carpeted stairs and upholstered furniture in the home. Vacuum cleaners eureka lets you clean the area upto 28 feet without plugging off. Because Eureka upright vacuum has 25 feet long cord, 3 feet stretchable hose and also crevice tool for superior cleaning performance. The easy roll wheels in best hand vacuum protect the hard floor surfaces.


  • Eureka rapidclean step handheld vacuum 41a offers deep clean carpets and stairs
  • Best handheld vacuum for pet hair
  • Switch between soft and hard surfaces
  • Easily cleans carpeted and non-carpeted areas
  • 25 feet long cord length
  • Has motorized brush and on/off control to clean carpeted and non-carpeted areas
  • Small hand vacuum 41a has a washable filter
  • Bagless and 3 feet stretch hose
  • On board crevice tool
  • eureka rapidclean step handheld corded vacuum 41a is a portable hand vacuum


  • Hand vacuum cleaners have high strength in sucking up pet hair, human hair along with cat litter from hard floors and carpet area
  • Small handheld vacuum is perfect for cleaning and dusting upholstery
  • Best and convenient vacuum for carpeted stairs
  • Eureka vacuum cleaners provide 28 feet reachable area to clean without plugging off
  • Corded handheld vacuum 41 A Eureka has motorized brush and on/off control system to clean carpeted as well as hard floors
  • No dirt leaks out of the dirt cleaner in best hand vacuum 2018 Eureka vacuum cleaner 41A


  • The front of the best handheld vacuum 41A Eureka is a little chunky
  • Corded handheld vacuum requires regular maintaining

Bottom Line

Therefore, read the whole article on best handheld vacuum 2018 to gather complete information on Eureka Rapidclean step handheld corded vacuum 41a and Eureka vacuum reviews. We hope the given article has helped you to know all the details and clarify doubts regarding vacuum cleaner eureka. Also, check handheld vacuum reviews and amazon eureka vacuum sale and get at the best price.

41A Hand Vacuum comes with 25 feet long cord and 3 feet hose. It has on/off brush roll to clean carpet as well as bare floors with one year warranty. All-inclusive, it is the best product with which you clean carpets, stairs, pet hair, hard floors easily.

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