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EUREKA Easy Clean 71B Handheld Vacuum Review 2020

Getting rid of pet hair and dust particles from upholstery or carpeted floors is a tough and sometimes irritating task. Even tougher is to clean the interiors of the car. It is not possible to carry a bulky vacuum cleaner always with you, which seems impractical.  Eureka  Easy clean 71b hand vacuum cleaner is an affordable, powerful and high-performance-oriented best-hand vacuum that leaves our house and car dust-free.

Eureka EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This portable, light in weight best handheld vacuum cleaner for home, car, or garage weighs less than 5 pounds. Eureka easy clean 71b vacuum cleaner also has a motorized brush with an on/off switch to facilitate cleaning the carpet and an integrated filter along with easy to empty dust canister. A 20-foot power cord gives extended reach to cover a large area to clean at a time. Eureka easyclean 71b has two motors, one for the brush, another for suction, to ensure a thorough clean. 1 Year of Manufacturer Warranty along with Money-Back Guarantee is provided on eureka easyclean 71b corded handheld vacuum.

Eureka easyclean corded hand vacuum 71b is a cleaning tool that is a great combination of amazing features.  You will also get eureka easyclean corded handheld vacuum 71b manual along with other attachments. 71b Eureka handheld vacuum reviews are really great and exciting. People love the design and the performance offered by Eureka’s best handheld vacuum for pet hair.

Eureka 71B Riser visor vac FEATURES

High suction power helps in trapping the dirt from carpets and upholstery effectively. The suction pressure is directly proportional to the level of cleanliness.

This Compact Eureka Easyclean corded handheld vacuum 71b has an integrated hose with a crevice tool that cleans the tight nook and corners anywhere in the home and inside cars.  

The riser visor system in Eureka Leight weight Hand vac helps quickly pick up dirt on stairs and vertical upholstery. We see that dust and dirt are usually collected in corners of the house, along with the linings of the stair and dust particles gathered, which becomes very hard to remove with a broom. Therefore, buy this vac and keep your house neat and clean.

There are various types of vacuum cleaners that work only on the specific kind of floors. But as our house has a carpeted floor, hard floors, laminate, etc. so it is not good to invest in those cleaning tools. Eureka Easyclean corded handheld vacuum, 71b is ideal for hardwood and carpets, laminate, vinyl, or floor made from tiles. 

As this is light in weight, we can use Eureka 71b best handheld vacuum for the above-floor cleaning process. Therefore, you can use this to clean dirt from countertops and other surfaces. The compact design makes Eureka Easyclean corded handheld vacuum useful for cleaning the vehicle.

The high suction power and hose along with the crevice tool in Eureka Easyclean corded handheld vacuum 71b help clean every tight space and corner in the car. 


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimension
7 x 15 x 8 inches
Item Weight
4.85 pounds
Best Suitable for
Bare floors, Area rugs
Number of Pieces
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

71B Eureka Riser Visor Handheld Vacuum for Sale

Eureka easyclean 71b has got positive and overwhelming reviews. The pet owners were blown away with the result shown by Eureka 71b best handheld vacuum. Because they didn’t expect that a small hand vacuum can create such high suction power, another praise that Eureka best hand held vacuum cleaners got is due to the ability to clean stairs and the risers. Being light in weight, eureka easyclean corded handheld vacuum 71b is easy to carry around and make the best use of the Riser Visor Nozzle cover, the roller brush, and other attachments that Eureka – the best handheld vacuum for pet hair is equipped with. It can’t only easily access all corners & areas but also make sure that every point is spotless by offering strong suction force.  





How to clean Eureka Easy Clean 71B Hand Vacuum Cleaner filters?

The Eureka Easy Clean 71B Hand Vacuum Cleaner filters are washable and they can be removed from the vacuum cleaner itself for cleaning purposes. It is good to replace them every six months for optimum performance of the vacuum cleaner itself.

Where to buy Eureka Easy Clean 71B Hand Vacuum Cleaner?

You can buy Eureka Easy Clean 71B Hand Vacuum Cleaner from Amazon or the official Eureka website.

How long do Eureka Easy Clean 71B Hand Vacuum last?

There is one year warranty on the Eureka Easy Clean 71B Hand Vacuum Cleaner, so it is assured that your money is safe for at least a year. Generally, the vacuum cleaners last for two to three years to come depending on the use that might have it.

Does the exhaust vent of Eureka Easy Clean 71B Vacuum tend to blow dust and debris around?

There has been no complaint of such sort that dust comes out of the exhaust vent of Eureka Easy Clean 71B Hand Vacuum Cleaner when using it for cleaning. Rather, all the dust is collected in the canister which can be emptied as soon as the cleaning task is done.

Does Eureka Easy Clean 71B Hand Vacuum Cleaner need filter and how often does it need to be replaced?

The Eureka Easy Clean 71B Hand Vacuum Cleaner comes with very specific filters which are for the vacuum cleaner itself and they are washable as well. You are set for the next six months with one pair of these filters in your vacuum cleaner.

How much does the Eureka Easy Clean 71B Hand Vacuum weigh?

 Given, it is a vacuum cleaner meant primarily for car cleaning, Eureka Easy Clean 71B Hand Vacuum Cleaner weighs only 4.85 lbs which is quite light.

Bottom Line

Eureka EasyClean 71b is an excellent option for those searching for a Best Hand vacuum cleaner that is easy to handle and effective in spot cleaning like upholstery and stairs at an affordable price. Pet owners will also be benefited because 71b eureka has the high suction pressure, which sucks up the pet hair, cat litter. The flexible hose will help in keeping the tight corners and spaces neat and tidy. However, in specialized tasks like cleaning cars or areas with corners or cracks, Eureka EasyClean corded handheld vacuum, 71b does well and good. Being a corded model, you can clean a limited area at once, but as per hand vacuum reviews, overall handheld vacuum cleaners are the best hand vacuum.

Risor visor nozzle in eureka easy clean 71b allows cleaning vertically as well as horizontally. 71b Eureka has a 20 ft cord, motorized brush, washable filter, flexible hose, crevice tool and many more other amazing features.

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