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Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Review 2020

If you are parents of active and naughty kids, you must be aware of the mess they create while playing. You cannot stop them from playing, so you are left with one irritating solution: clean the mess. But in this advanced and technological world, you can perform this job very quickly with none other than the best Dyson vacuum cleaners. Dyson dc34 handheld vacuum is one of those vacuum cleaners. You can use this Best bagless cordless hand vacuum for removing pet hair also.

Best Dyson Handheld Vacuum cleaner for Sale

This Best Hand vac offers a high suction strength, which spins three times faster than conventional motors, making it the most powerful handheld vacuum cleaner. Dyson dc34 hand vacuum cleaner uses a 22.2V lithium-ion battery that takes very less time to charge. Therefore, performance stays strong without any drop-off. An LED indicator for a battery that lets us know when to charge the battery. 

Best Dyson vacuum cleaners come with a crevice tool and an accessory tool that includes debris nozzle to pick up crumbs and converts to a brush tool for dusting delicate surfaces. We can clean our computer keyboards.  For more details, read handheld dyson dc34 review.

DC34 is smaller, lighter, and faster than conventional motors as this hand vac does not have to be dependent on carbon brushes. The Dyson digital motor spins at up to 104,000 rpm- which is five times faster than the engine of a Formula 1 race car. 

Due to the smaller size and lighter than other motors, Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners has balanced weight distribution, making DC34 handheld vacuum cleaners much easier to handle. Buy Dyson dc34 bagless cordless hand vacuum at amazon hand vacuum sale.

Dyson DC34 Hand Vac FEATURES

The attachments in Dyson’s handheld vac are narrow, so they are more a kind of spot cleaner. The motor in Dyson handheld cordless vac vacuum provides high suction power that helps in an effective cleaning process.  

Dyson dc34 bagless cordless hand vacuum does not have a motorized brush but still can remove the pet hair. The brush agitates and loosens up the pet hair that is sucked up by the wide nozzle. Go through Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner reviews and find out the complete details on Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner DC34.

It takes 3.5 hours to get fully charged. For complete details, read Dyson cordless vacuum reviews. Dyson small handheld vacuum provides high suction power and picks up tiny dirt particles.

You will get only two attachments – a crevice tool and a pull-out combination brush with a wide nozzle tool. Dyson vacuum cleaners have a mechanism for locking it in place.

The filter in the best handheld vacuum is located on the back of the dirt bin, which can be accessed by pressing the release latch on top to separate the dirt cup from the motor. Take out the filter and wash Dyson hand vac in running water. The manufacturer recommends washing the filter at least once a month. 

Dyson hand vac has two power options – high suction and Max mode. The high suction mode in the best cordless vacuum gives 15 minutes of constant suction at 28 air watts. At the same time, MAX mode is a more forceful suction designed for tougher cleaning jobs. The vacuum can run in MAX mode for up to six minutes. 


Specification Name Value
Item Model Number
Product Name
Dyson dc34 handheld vacuum
Product Dimensions
4.4 x 12.7 x 8.1 inches
Item Weight
1 pounds
Gray, yellow
Battery indicator
2-year warranty parts and labor





How does the Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner charge?

 The battery of the Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has to be plugged in, which can be put into the vacuum cleaner later on. As soon as the battery is charged and fitted, it will be running perfectly.

How do you clean a Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

 For cleaning the parts of the Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner you just need to run them under water and there is no need for external detergents to ensure that the parts are clean. You can refit the parts after 12 hours of drying.

How long does Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner take to charge?

 Minimum 3.5 hours are needed for the Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner battery to charge completely.

How many watts is the motor of Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

 The Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has a 28 watts motor.

How much noise does the Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner make?

 Not much noise comes from the Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner when it is being used as it is a pretty small vacuum cleaner with a lot of power.

What is the difference between the DC34 and DC58?

The Dyson DC58 is an advanced version of the DC34 with better cyclonic action, although both have dual power modes.

Bottom Line

The Dyson hand vac review is very favourable, and people are finding this cordless hand vac convenient to use. Therefore, if you are looking for cordless, lightweight best handheld vacuum cleaners having high suction power, you can choose this Dyson dc34 bagless cordless hand vacuum. 

The best handheld cordless vacuum cleaner can be the one you were waiting for. We hope the information provided here made you more aware of the Dyson vacuum cleaner and cleared all your doubts. Refer our website for other latest and modern technology equipped vacuum cleaners like dc34 Dyson vacuum.

DC34 is smaller, lighter and faster, uses 2.2V lithium-ion battery, has an LED indicator for a battery. Dyson dc34 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is bagless and has high suction power. All-together, Dyson DC34 is the best handheld which you can get at the best price on Amazon.

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