Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick-Flip Hand Vac SD20005RED – Package of both Power and Portability!


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Dirt Devil Scorpion Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Are you searching for a portable handheld vacuum? A handheld vacuum is perfect for quick clean jobs, saves from dragging the full-size vacuum throughout the house. These are intended for small but effective cleaning jobs. Therefore, find out the details of the dirt devil sd20005red vacuum cleaner as dirt devil vacuum cleaner may fulfil your needs. Consumers love the dirt devil sd20005red vacuum cleaner due to its look and, compact design, immense suction strength, bagless with large cord, lightweight and still available at a reasonable price.

Dirt Devil sd20005red Scorpion

Dirt devil scorpion quick flip corded bagless handheld vacuum sd20005red does quick and easy work out of cleaning. The dirt devil scorpion sd20005red handheld cleaning tool is powerful yet lightweight. Dirt devil scorpion quick-flip hand vac is equipped with a motor that delivers 7 amps of horsepower, which provides for powerful vacuuming action. This amount of power enables the Dirt Devil hand vac to suck up dirt, debris and various other types of dust.

Dirt devil vacuum has a convenient bagless design, and the dirt contents can be simply thrown into the trash following a cleaning. Vacuum cleaner dirt devil comes with a 16 feet long cord that can reach more areas such as interior stairs for cleaning while plugged in. Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Cleaner is also equipped with a quick-flip crevice tool for vacuuming in hard to reach areas. The crevice tool can be flipped back When not in use into the compact design of the bagless hand vacuum.


  • Ease of Use
  • Maintenance of dirt devil vacuum
  • High Suction Strength

Dirt Devil hand vacuum has 16 feet long cord that allows us to cover a big range without plugging dirt devil scorpion quick flip hand vacuum off. The extended nozzle helps in cleaning the narrow corners in the seat of cars where our hands cannot reach or where we find it difficult to access. Dirt devil vacuum quick flip corded bagless handheld vacuum is very small in size, we can easily hold dirt devil scorpion quick flip corded bagless handheld vacuum, sd20005red and without putting much effort can clean the dirty areas.

Dirt Devil canister vacuum is very easy to maintain. The easy maintenance applies to the filter in dirt devil cleaner also. We can simply brush off the dirt on dirt devil upright vacuum cleaner and wash dirt devil scorpion quick flip hand vacuum. We can also replace dirt devil sd20005red scorpion quick flip corded bagless handheld vacuum, red with its place in the dirt container for continued usage. In any case, when the time comes to change the filter, no need to worry as a 2-in-1 pack of Scorpion filters have very low cost.

Dirt devil upright vacuum is one of the affordable vacuum cleaners in the market. The Dirt Devil hand vac is one of the handheld vacs that provides highest suction levels having a 7-ampere motor. Dirt devil vacuum cleaner sucks all the fur of pets and small debris and dirt present on the seat, sofa or couch. Other attachments or accessories of this handheld vacuum include,

  • Onboard crevice tool
  • 5 feet hose
  • Dusting Brush
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Extension


Specification Name Value
Product Name
Dirt Devil SD20005RED Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Bagless Handheld Vacuum
13.7 x 6.4 x 8.5 inches
Royal Appliance
Item Model Number
Item Weight
3.75 pounds
Shipping Weight
4.75 pounds
Royal Appliance
Dirt Devil

sd20005red Dirt Devil Scorpion Reviews

Dirt devil handheld vacuum cleaner is very powerful and sucks up stubborn dust and debris. Therefore, enjoy crawling around teh corners with Dirt Devil hand vac and keep your home neat and tidy. The nozzle extender is very helpful in cleaning the chair, armrests, floor panels and rugs. There are various hand vacs in the market that are battery operated but dirt devil upright vacuum cleaner has the best suction strength. Dirt Devil canister vacuum is a great corded portable hand vac. Therefore, check out the complete details about dirt devil vacuum like suction strength, battery life, warranty, whether dirt devil hand vacuum makes the sound while using, structural flawless and much more about dirt devil sd20005red scorpion hand vacuum.


  • Cordless portable hand vacuum
  • A powerful 7-ampere motor provides high suction strength
  • Quick help crevice tool cleans tight spaces fast
  • Hose and dusting brush attachments provide versatility
  • 16 feet power cord provides the length required for constant cleaning power without unplugging
  • Bagless design
  • Hose length 2.5 feet
  • Lightweight
  • Easy dirt disposal
  • 3 Years guarantee


  • Terrific Performance – The Dirt Devil Scorpion offers High-powered steady suction. However, a comfy, lightweight design and a quick-flip crevice tool complement the suction to deliver an outstanding performance
  • Versatile – Along with crevice tool, the Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip car vacuum offers various useful attachments and accessories for increased versatility. Attachments like the 2.5 feet hose help us to reach through tortuous areas of our home and also car interior. The shoulder strap also comes in the list of accessories that makes vacuuming more effortless
  • Easy to Maintain – Dirt devil vacuum cleaner is very easy to detach the dirt tank following the cleaning process. The filter enclosed in the dirt tank is also easy to dislodge and clean
  • Affordable – The Scorpion car vacuum is very reasonable in cost and is affordable. Dirt Devil vacuum is lightweight, compact design, immense suction strength, bagless with a large cord


  • Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner is fairly loud while using dirt devil sd20005red
  • Dirt Devil canister vacuum does not have a car cigarette DC plug; requires an adapter

Bottom Line

We hope that given article provides you the best information you were searching for the dirt devil vacuum. So, if you are looking for a portable, high cleaning speed and convenient designed vacuum cleaner, then dirt devil upright vacuum handheld can be one of the leading options. The lightweight and convenience design make dirt devil quick flip best cleaning tool to clean whether inside a car or in your home as well. The top selling points of dirt devil SD20005RED vacuum cleaner are lightweight, compact design, immense suction strength, bagless with large cord and still available at reasonable price. Therefore, read ratings and dirt devil scorpion review.

Dirt Devil SD20005RED is lightweight, compact design, immense suction strength, bagless with large cord. Though it is portable, it is powerful enough to clean complete car interiors and stairs. With all its features, it is still available at reasonable price.

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