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Top 10 Dirt Devil Handheld Vacuum

What can be a better option than having a vacuum cleaner for cleaning messed up areas or a room with wall-to-wall carpet? But sometimes they tend to be bulky and heavy. We need to put so much physical effort. Overall these vacuums are not suitable for small cleaning jobs like cleaning stairs, couches etc. A handheld vacuum is easy to carry and requires less effort in cleaning task and can reach those areas that normal bulky vacuums can’t. The dirt devil hand vac is typically smaller in size, portable and most used appliances in our house. They make the cleaning task easier and less time taking. Therefore, let’s have a glance at the best 10 handheld vacuum cleaners that you should definitely consider while buying.

Dirt Devil Vacuum Reviews

If you were looking for a simple, reputed handheld and lightweight vacuum cleaner, then you visited right place for sure. Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner will satisfy all your demands. You will never regret investing in dirt devil vacuum. Along with its lightweight easy to use design, and the crevice tools, vacuum cleaners dirt devil provide you with an excellent return on your investments. Moreover, dirt devil canister vacuum works great for different surfaces and comes with a washable filter. So, all in all, dirt devil hand vac is the perfect product for you even if you are looking for a quick clean. Just be sure that you use the crevice tools & adjust the heights while working with this vacuum cleaner, and you would have a winner in your hands. Therefore, below top 10 dirt devil handheld corded/cordless vacs are listed along with their pros and cons. Read them, and they will help you in buying better vacs for your house.

Top 10 Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaners


Dirt Devil AccuCharge bd10045red Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Are you looking for dirt devil accucharge hand vacuum cleaner? Then dirt devil bd10045red small hand vac can be the best option for you. Dirt Devil has developed a vacuum cleaner with ENERGY STAR qualifies battery chargers. The Accucharge system in this protects the battery from degradation, leading to a longer battery life. With high suction power, dirt devil hand vac cleaner is great for the fast cleaning of everyday messes and dry spills. bd10045red dirt devil accucharge hand vac has a comfort grip handle, a thumb activated on/off switch, a flip-down crevice tool for cleaning tight spaces along windows, between couches etc. The rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner has an oversized bagless cup where dust and debris get collected.

dirt devil bd10045red

Dirt Devil accucharge 15.6v cordless bagless handheld vacuum bd10045red is powered by 15.6-volt nickel-cadmium battery which gets fully charged in 6 hours. The battery provides high suction power that helps in sucking the loose debris on hard floors like dust, dander, crumbs and pet hair. The accucharge technology in dirt devil bd10045red reduces the current to a trickle when dirt devil vacuum detects that battery is full. Dirt Devil best hand vac is a bagless vacuum cleaner with a 1.5-inch nozzle width along with quick flip crevice tool and retractable brush. As per the customers’ reviews, Dirt Devil bd10045red runs approximately around 20-30 minutes unstoppable. Also, there is dirt devil accucharge 15.6v cordless bagless stick vacuum available, that helps in cleaning the floor without bending much.


  • bd10045 dirt devil accucharge has a relatively short 6-hour charge time
  • dirt devil accucharge 15.6v can be left on the charger without the risk of frying the battery
  • Tools provided with the given dirt devil vac can be stored on the vacuum itself which minimizes the risk of misplacing them
  • Good suction power especially on hard surfaces that do wonders in cleaning
  • The long 3-year warranty has been provided which is great
  • dirt devil vacuum uses less electricity that is one of the selling points of a bd10045 model


  • dirt devil hand vac is a bit noisy dirt devil vacuum, model
  • due to small Dirt cup, you need to empty the bin again and again.


Dirt Devil Simpli-stik sd20000red

Let’s get introduced to another amazing vacuum model by Dirt Devil. Dirt Devil sd20000red simpli-stik lightweight corded bagless stick vacuum Is a 120-volt, 3 in 1 vac that can be used as a stick vac, hand vac and also detail vac. Dirt Devil sd20000red hand vac has a bagless design that eliminates the need for replacing the vacuum bags. The comfort grip design and light in weight are the selling point of dirt devil sd20000red simpli-stik vac. Dirt Devil simpli-stik sd20000red is a detachable vacuum with a convenient cord wrap for 16 ft. cord. The dirt devil simpli-stik lightweight bagless stick vacuum, sd20000red has an easy to empty dirt bin and smooth rolling wheels that are helpful while cleaning the dust on carpet or hard floors.

dirt devil sd20000red

Therefore, if you need a compact stick-style workhorse that is portable and easy to manoeuvre and can handle day to day cleaning needs, buy dirt devil sd20000red simpli-stik lightweight corded bagless stick vacuum having one year of warranty. Weighing only 3.8 pounds, dirt devil sd20000red is easy to carry around home. The included crevice tool lets you reach the hard corners. The floor head is designed for seamless switching between multi-surface flooring, including low pile rugs. The controls buttons are located on the stick and handheld unit for convenience. The wheels of the vacuum are designed to be gentle on all surfaces. So, read all the information given below about dirt devil hand vac model of DD vac and form a decision which one to buy.


  • handheld dirt devil has 3-in-one design
  • dirt devil vacuum cleaner releases easily from the stick base
  • The dirt devil vacuum has Smooth rolling wheels that protect the floor from getting damaged.
  • dirt devil vacuum is light  in weight, so comfortable to carry
  • Simple on/off switch is easily accessible
  • vacuum cleaner dirt devil sd20000 has bagless dirt collection system
  • dirt devil hand vac sd20000red includes crevice cleaning tool
  • Easy conversion between utility tools


  • Cord does not automatically rewind
  • Not as effective on high pile carpet


Dirt Devil sd20020 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Hey you all, we have come with another amazing vacuum cleaner that has been developed by keeping all the demands of the customers in mind. The SD20020 Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum is light in weight and portable. Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner vibe 3-in-1 corded bagless stick, and handheld vacuum cleaner sd20020 has on/off brush roll to switch between the carpeted floor and hard floor. Also, the 15 ft. power cord helps in covering a big area to clean at once without plugging off. Due to lightweight design allows us to take the vacuum cleaner easily around anywhere in the home. For quick cleanups, Dirt devil 3 in 1 vacuum is best.

dirt devil sd20020

The dirt devil vibe sd20020 is very well at removing pet hair scattered on carpets and also pick up the dry spilled dust and debris quickly from the bare floor. Dirt cups are easy to remove and clean. The dirt devil vibe stick vacuum weighs only 3.4 lbs so we can carry dirt devil vacuum easily wherever we want as per the requirement. As per the dirt devil vibe reviews, customers are very satisfied and are also recommending people to buy dirt devil vibe 3-in-1 corded bagless stick vacuum sd20020. Therefore, read more about dirt devil vibe stick vacuum and we hope you would definitely like dirt devil vibe 3 in 1 corded bagless stick vacuum. So, let’s get aware with the Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Vibe 3-in-1 Corded Bagless Stick and Handheld Vacuum Cleaner pros and cons.


  • dirt devil sd20020 is affordable
  • dirt devil canister vacuum is used as a handheld that allows us to clean upholstery, windows and stairs
  • Brush roll can be turned on & and off which is great if you have expensive flooring that scratches easily
  • For a stick, dirt devil cordless hand vac has a decently sized cleaning path at 10 inches
  • sd20020 vacuum cleaner dirt devil is lightweight and easy to move around
  • dirt devil vacuum has a crevice tool that is used on hard to reach areas
  • Very manoeuvrable because the head can swivel


  • Due to a short power cord (15 ft), you would be able to cover a small area to clean at once with dirt devil vacuum cleaner
  • Smal dirt bin would let you empty and clean the collected dust often


Dirt Devil bd22510pc Cordless Stick Vacuum

Buy the best handheld cordless vacuum cleaner and stop killing your time in an irritating and boring task of cleanliness. We have another vacuum cleaner option for you. Dirt Devil bd22510pc has 24-volt lithium battery which offers longer runtime with faster charging and fades free power. Also, the removable hand vacuum can be used to clean the stairs, car seats and those places that are difficult to reach. Dirt devil reaches max plus bd22510pc vacuum cleaner has dirt capacity of 0.7 litres and also brush roll for cleaning hard floors and carpeted floors. Some other accessories that come with Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus 3-in-1 Cordless 24V Lithium Stick Vacuum BD22510PC include crevice tool, powered cleaning stick, upholstery tool and carpet nozzle.

dirt devil bd22510pc

Dirt Devil Reach Max Plus 3-in-1 Cordless 24V Stick Vacuum BD22510PC offers 3-in -1 versatility and cordless power anywhere in the home. The Dirt Devil MAx is light in weight which needs less effort to be taken anywhere in the house, and we can hold for a long duration without getting tired. We can steer dirt devil hand vacuum under, around and above the carpet as well as hard floors. We hope the provided information was enough for you to understand dirt devil hand vac cordless better. Let us also see some of the advantages and disadvantages of the dirt devil handheld vacuum cleaner.


  • Cheaper than other contemporary vacs
  • Comfort-grip design
  • has decent runtime
  • Light in weight so can be carried anywhere in the house for cleaning
  • dirt devil vacuum is very manoeuvrable
  • cleans almost all parts of your home and inside your vehicle
  • dirt devil hand vac has a 2-year warranty which is great


  • As per dirt devil reach max review, dirt devil reach max may not work well on cleaning pet hair
  • has short crevice tool, which may not let you clean the tight corners effectively.


Dirt Devil BD10320B Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil Flipout Lithium Cordless Hand Vac, BD10320B with 20v lithium battery provides longer run time, fade free power and also gets charged faster. The dirt devil handheld vacuum cleaner has folding handles that make the cleaning process easier and effective. Everyone wants a vacuum cleaner that is light in weight and has a compact design. Dirt devil Flipout vacuum cleaner has a comfortable design with dirt cup that is very easy to empty and clean. Also crevice tool, as well as upholstery tool, is being given along. According to the dirt devil Flipout review, dirt devil vacuum handheld BD10320B offers powerful suction pressure that easily sucks up the mess.

Hand Vac, BD10320B

So if you were looking for a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and easy to hold, then dirt devil Flipout handvac can be the best option for you. Dirt devil cleaner has a washable filter and XL dirt bin with high capacity. The selling point of dirt devil hand vacuum cleaner is the adjustable folding handle that enters all the hard corners and helps us in keeping our house neat and clean even in the non-reachable areas. Also, dirt devil hand vac BD10320B comes with 2 years of warranty. For more information, read review dirt devil Flipout handvac. Let us see some of the pros and cons of given handheld cordless vacuum cleaner.


  • 20V lithium-ion battery for continuous power and quick charging
  • comes with  dusting tool, powered upholstery tool
  • Adjustable 4 times folding handle for effective cleaning
  • Powerful, lightweight, comfort grip design
  • dirt devil hand vac has XL dirt cup with a maximum capacity
  • Washable filter
  • Built-in Quick Flip tool easily cleans tight spaces
  • 2-year limited warranty backed by 30 years of high-quality design


  • Little noisy


Dirt Devil sd12000 handheld corded Vacuum cleaner

dirt devil vacuum cleaner has a motor-driven High-Speed Brush roll that Keeps rolling through big or small mess inside the house created by either us or pet. The Dirt Devil canister vacuum also has a facility of one-touch Button Empty Dirt Cup Dump which means that you can open an empty the dirt bin by just pressing a button. Who does not like a lightweight vacuum cleaner. The main advantage of having a lightweight too is that we can easily hold or drag dirt devil hand vac and perform our task with less effort. The dirt devil handvac sd12000 has a Lightweight Design of only 2.8 pounds that pick up dust and debris effectively, and the 20-foot power cord along with integrated storage Easily sucks the dirt from stairs, couches without unplugging. It also has a reusable and quick-rinse filter.

sd12000 dirt devil

Sometimes it is not possible to clean each corner of the house with those heavy vacuum cleaners. There we realise the importance of the handheld small vacs. Because they can be carried anywhere in the house effortlessly. And it becomes easier to clean sofas and couches with these vacs. We can take them with us even on trips. Dirt devil vacuum cleaner has all qualities that any consumer can ask for from a vacuum cleaner. Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of the dirt devil hand vac 2.0


  • Very effective at cleaning pet hair. The strong suction power and brush roll makes dirt devil model sd12000 effective in picking up dust and pet hair
  • As a corded vacuum cleaner, we can clean some limited area at a time. But dirt devil hand vac has a long cord that covers a large area.
  • The vacuum comes with a high quality 20-foot long cord that can be easily wrapped around the base. This helps you with transporting dirt devil hand vac around, without unplugging dirt devil hand vacuum.
  • sd12000 dirt devil corded hand vac is effective at cleaning carpets and upholstery. The motor drive high-speed brush roll of the vacuum rotates continuously, and can easily clean up the ground-in, tough dirt and differently sized debris. It works excellently on carpets, rugs and upholstery.
  • The operation of this vacuum is very quite, which is definitely a big advantage as you can use it to clean at any time. Has easy to clean filters. You can quickly wash filter and empty the dirt bin with just a touch of a button.


  • The vacuum cleaner has no attachments.
  • Also, the belt that drives the beater brush gets very hot and vacuum start emitting a faint burning smell of rubber.


Dirt Devil bd10100 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Cleaner Gator 10.8 Volt Cordless Bagless Handheld Vacuum BD10100 has got 10.8 volts battery that offers constant powerful suction to clear any mess. The dirt devil gator bd10100 is designed keeping weight and comfort grip in mind. Therefore, bd10100 dirt devil vacuum cleaner that weighs 3 pounds is easy to carry anywhere to perform the cleaning task. Also, the built-in tool helps in gathering dust from all those hard corners that are difficult to reach. Dirt Devil gator bd10100 handheld vacuum contains a dirt cup that gets open with just a push of a button for easy emptying and cleaning.

bd10100 dirt devil

Sometimes, we get irritated due to the cord attached to the dirt devil hand vac as it restricts our cleaning task to a certain area. But dirt devil gator 10.8v has no cord, dirt devil vacuum cleaner bd10100 is a cordless small hand vac that you can use anywhere in the house without worrying about the extendable plugins. The DD 10.8v Gator series hand vacs come with a flip open dirt bin for easy emptying. Dump the dust by pressing a button without letting your hands messy. A sleek and balanced design with a clear dirt cup makes Gator vacs best option for large and small jobs. Therefore, as per the Dirt Devil gator reviews, let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons. For complete details, read dirt devil gator reviews.


  • 10.8 Volts battery, tackle any mess with constant power, suction
  • Lightweight Design, weighs less than 3 pounds and pick up dust effectively and allows us to hold dirt devil hand vac for a longer time.
  • Overall comfort-grip design and handle for easy cleaning
  • dirt devil gator bagless cordless hand vac red has flip open dirt bin for easy emptying and cleaning
  • Built-in crevice tool, tackle multi-surface, crack or crevice
  • comes with a permanent mesh-type washable filter


  • dirt devil vacuum cleaner bd10100 takes 24 hours for charging


Dirt Devil 08230red Handheld Vacuum

There are various cleaning tasks that broom can’t do effectively. Also, dragging a bulky vacuum cleaner is not the feasible way. That time we need a small hand held vacuum cleaner that is easy to carry and can effectively pick up the pet hair, dust in car interiors or at stairs in the home. So, if you are looking for the same kind of vacuum, then dirt devil ultra corded bagged handheld vacuum m08230red. Dirt Devil ultra hand vac m08230red has the option of varying the speed. So whenever you need high suction power to clean the stubborn dirt switch to high speed and if you want normal speed switch to a slower speed. Therefore, read thoroughly about the dirt devil hand held vacs and decide as per your condition that you want to buy.

dirt devil m08230red

You may be thinking that dirt devil ultra bagged handheld vacuum, m08230red is a corded small vac so you can clean very small area at once. But let me tell you that dirt devil ultra power hand vacuum has 20 feet long cord that gives you a large cleaning radius, also a cord strap is provided for tidy storage. m08230red dirt devil corded hand vac has 2 years of warranty. The motorized brush roll in Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum Cleaner Ultra Corded Bagged Handheld Vacuum M08230RED is great for lifting pet hair and dirt from upholstery, stairs and car interiors. The crevice tool and flexible hose are built-in and allow us to rapidly switch cleaning modes. Clean the hard to reach corners, spaces and switch back to the brush for floors and furniture with dirt devil vacuum cleaner.


  • has motorized Brush, perfect for lifting pet hair and dirt from stairs, upholstery and car interiors
  • 4 Amp Motor offers powerful suction. Hose Length: 2 feet and Cleaning Path: 6 inches
  • The crevice tool with a stretch hose in this hand held  vacuum  helps in tackling hard-to-reach spaces
  • 16 Foot Power Cord – easily clean without the hassle of unplugging
  • Dirt devil vac has MicroFresh Bagged Filtration


  • the hand vac is not suitable for vacuuming long strands of human hair. Because they may sometimes tend to get caught in the revolving brush
  • The dust bag is tough to empty in dirt devil vacuum cleaner


Dirt Devil bd30025b Vacuum Cleaner

Change your old methods of cleaning house with a broomstick and also get effective cleaning results in lesser time with dirt devil vacuum cleaner. We all know that cleaning task is surely one of those household task that we always keep on postponing. But some of the other day we have to do that. Now get the best cleaning tool that will help you in keeping your home neat and clean. Dirt Devil Quick Flip Plus Cordless 16 Volt Lithium Ion Bagless Handheld Vacuum BD30025B can be your helping hand in performing cleaning task. So, read all the information thoroughly given about dirt devil hand vac because that may help you to decide whether to buy or not. DD has given various variety to the customers on the hand held cordless/corded vacs depending upon their budget, the area of the house and so many other factors.

dirt devil bd30025b

The dirt Devil BD30025B handheld vac is light in weight, portable cleaning tool. The dirt devil quick flip is good at vacuuming up dust on hardwood and carpet and is less effective at cleaning the pet hair and getting inside the hard to reach corners in the car. As per reviews dirt devil bd30025b, the best selling point is the suction power that dirt devil hand vac offers. Dirt devil quick flip plus cordless 16-volt lithium ion bagless handheld vacuum bd30025btakes takes 6 hours for full charging and runs for 13 minutes. Therefore, for complete details about dirt devil bd30025b, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of bd30025b dirt devil vac.


  • A 16-volt lithium battery having 2x faster charging time
  • QuickFlip crevice tool reaches debris in tight corners
  • powered turbo tool the quickly clean stairs and upholstery
  • dirt devil hand vac suction power is strong
  • dirt devil hand vacuum has easy to empty dirt cup
  • Power indicator notifies when it’s time to recharge


  • Brushroll is not tangle-free, so it requires some maintenance (cleaning) from time to time


Dirt Devil bd30015 Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil BD30015 Quick Flip 12 V Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Lithium Cordless Red Hand Vacuum is perfect for small apartments, dorms and car interiors. The 12v lithium-ion battery offers high suction pressure that can clean up all the unexpected mess. The versatile crevice tool in bd30015 dirt devil swaps all the dust and debris from the corners in the couches, drapes and car interiors. Also, the design is so perfect that dirt devil vacuum fit like a tailor-made tool in the hand that simplifies the task of cleaning. Sometimes, earrings, rings and other important and small pieces fall into the hidden corners of the couches or sofas. That time we can use our dirt devil hand vacuum cleaner to suck that item using the crevice tool.

dirt devil bd30015

According to the dirt devil bd30015 review, this model of DD cordless bagless handheld vac is can work on multi-surface and has a built-in crevice tool. The cleaning path width is 1.5 inches. bd30015s hand vac has one year of warranty. So the pet owners can buy bd30015s dirt devil vac for picking up cat litter and fur. Therefore, read about all the given different types of DD handheld corded/cordless vacs and buy them as per your requirement. Also, refer our website for the latest handheld vacs available in the market. Keep your house neat, clean and organised with the help of Dirt Devil Hand vacuums. So, to know more about dirt devil hand vac let us have a glance at the pros and cons of bd30015s hand vac.


  • dirt devil hand vacuum has 12V Lithium Battery
  • dirt devil hand vac has faster charging, longer runtime and fade-free power.
  • Quick Flip option for removing the dirt bin is there
  • Stored right on the unit to reach debris in tough corners.
  • Lightweight Design makes us able to hold dirt devil hand vac for longer duration and perform the task effectively.
  • Easy to carry from one mess to the next.
  • dirt devil vacuum has easy-Empty Dirt Cup
  •  dirt devil vac model bd30015s has 2-Year Warranty


  • small dirt bin size, so you need to empty it so often

Why go with Dirt Devil Handheld Vacuums?

You must be thinking that what special does Dirt Devil Handheld vacuums have that others don’t? It is a very common and obvious question that comes to mind first. The main thing is that there is no limit to the good services offered by the tools. But also we need to consider all things like the cost price, does it suits your way of lifestyle, your home and all. So, Dirt Devil is famous because it knows what customers require. You will get the best ever combination of price, specification and features in one pack in the form of dirt devil vacuum cleaner.  There are various things that we notice in the vacuum cleaners, and some of them are weight, warranty, power, battery, attachments and accessories provided with the vac, charging time, runtime, cord length, motorized brush roll.

The suction pressure and the battery life is amazing. The high suction strength is responsible for the effective cleaning task, higher the suction power better will be the cleaning task. Also, the design is so comfortably designed that fits like a tailor-made tool into our palm and which enables us to work by putting less effort. The crevice tool easily gets into those tiny and hard to reach corners and spaces and swap all the dirt and debris. Therefore, these handheld vacuums are best for quick cleaning tasks in less time. Some of the dirt devil handheld vacs are corded whereas some are cordless. Both have its pros and cons. It depends on your choice that which would you like to prefer. Therefore, with dirt devil vacuum cordless vacs, you can roam anywhere in the house and perform the cleaning task, but with the corded one, you are restricted to a certain cleaning radius.


In the given article list of best top 10 Dirt Devil Handheld Vacuums have been described along with the pros and cons given by the customers who have used dirt devil hand vacuum. So, we hope that the given article was beneficial for you to know about the handheld cordless/corded vacuum cleaners better. Therefore, based on the given information you can decide which model suits your lifestyle and accordingly buy the cleaning tool. In a dirt devil hand vac, there are many things that come to our mind before buying. They are weight, warranty, power, battery, attachments and accessories provided with the vac, charging time, runtime, cord length, motorized brush roll and so many other. And being a good customer, we should clarify all our doubts before buying anything. Dirt Devil is popular for its handheld vacuum. Also, customers who are using these cleaning appliances they highly recommend buying dirt devil vacuum.

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