Should I Buy a Cordless or Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

We all have been using vacuum cleaners and have seen how they have changed through the years. The confusion regarding types of hand vac and which one is best suited for our home or offices still lingers. Most common of them all is the doubt between buying a corded or a cordless vacuum cleaner. We always fumble between the two and end up buying the wrong one, no matter which one it is. To make this decision, you must know about the features of Cordless Vs Corded Hand Vacuum and where they are usually used. 

Cordless Vs Corded Hand Vacuum image
Cordless Vs Corded Hand Vacuum image

Cordless Vs Corded Hand Vacuum

Whenever we think of a vacuum cleaner, a corded appliance instantly comes to our head and that is precisely how a corded vacuum cleaner looks like. They come with a plug-in cord and various attachments which help you clean up thoroughly. The reason they are called corded vacuum cleaners is simply that they have to be connected to the power source at all times, for you to be able to use them. Corded handheld vacuum cleaners have changed over time and now come with very advanced technology, but how they function is something that has been there for a long time. 

Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

If you have more area to clean up in a limited time and you are good with the idea of having a cord tailing your vacuum cleaner, then buying a corded vacuum cleaner is perfect for you. Users who prefer to clean up the entire house with a vacuum cleaner can also go for a corded one because they are capable enough to do the task. 

  • Unlimited use: The benefit of having a corded vacuum cleaner is that you can have it running as long as you have electricity. The duration of its use is not limited by the batteries etc. that cordless vacuums usually run on. This is why they turn out to be very practical since cleaning takes a lot of time. 
  • Powerful designs: Since any limited battery does not limit corded vacuum cleaners, they are designed to be very powerful. The efficient cleaning that you would be able to accomplish with a corded vacuum cleaner is unachievable by any other. 
  • Affordable: Most corded handheld vacuum cleaners are inexpensive because they don’t have to be designed for cordless use, which requires an expensive mechanism. They might be a little difficult to move around, but you will easily get a powerful vacuum cleaner even under a small budget. 


  • Not portable: The reason we have cordless vacuum cleaners today is that the corded ones are not easy to move around at all. They are usually bulky and because of the cord have a limited area of use. You have to have the longest possible chord to be able to use them freely. 

Cordless Handheld vacuum cleaners 

How most cordless handheld vacuum cleaners work is that they are powered by a battery, which is the main supplier of suction power as well. Most of them now come with a lithium battery, which stays for a longer time. Cordless Hand Vac is way more flexible than any corded vacuum cleaner, but very few have been able to match up the power otherwise. You will mostly be dependent on the battery when using a cordless vacuum, but now many of them last for a more extended period as well.


  • Usability: There is no better type of vacuum cleaner than a cordless one when it comes to the flexibility factor. It is extremely easy to move around because you don’t have to be limited by the cord. Moreover, they are very lightweight as well, so you can take them around wherever you want around the house. 
  • Portability: Being small in size, cordless handheld vacuums become extremely portable. The most difficult of places can easily be reached with the help of this type of vacuum. This is why they are best known to be used for cleaning corners and furniture etc. 
  • Powerful: the small package that cordless vacuum cleaners come in doesn’t make them any less powerful than they are. A powerful motor combined with a good battery life can clean up a surface well. 


  • Battery: No matter how well a cordless vacuum cleaner works, it always restricted by the battery life it has. Many brands are trying to make this feature better, but that means that even a cordless vacuum has to become a bit bulkier. This makes buying a corded vacuum cleaner a better option. 
  • Price: Simple cordless vacuum cleaners found for a cheap price, but if you want one with good battery and attachments, etc. the price will go up. The technologically advanced ones don’t fit the budget usually.


Buying a handheld vacuum cleaner makes a lot of sense when you don’t have bigger spaces to clean up using the appliance. They are best for cleaning up corners and crevices. Such vacuum cleaners best clean furniture and carpets. If you have pets and kids around that keep making small messes here and there, you can quickly clean up all of that using a cordless vacuum cleaner.

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