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Black Decker Auto Pivot Vac PAV1200W Review 2020

Nothing can be more exciting than travelling different places in your car. Having your car gives a feeling of freedom and independence. But it also requires regular cleanliness, and that can be a tough process. Because inside the car, many corners are tough to reach. So, buy a handy vacuum cleaner that helps cleaning the vents or tight spaces in your car. Stop worrying about your car’s cleanliness and buy Black & Decker PAV1200W 12-volt cyclonic-action automotive pivoting-nose handheld vacuum cleaner. The Black Decker Auto Pivot Vac PAV1200W vacuum cleaner can be the solution to your problem.

Black + Decker Pivoting-Nose Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Black & Decker auto pivot vac PAV1200W can clean up your car, truck or even boat with a slim pivoting nozzle that vacuums dust and dirt from any angle and access hard to reach spaces and corners in the house. It has a 16 feet long power cord that is long enough to cover a big area without plugging off. 

The 1-step easy-empty bagless dirt bin allows for a mess-free cleanup, means you don’t have to touch the dirt and mess. Black and Decker automotive pivoting PAV1200W has a convenient filter refresh knob that allows clearing debris off the filter to improve suction power. The 3-Stage filtration prevents dust from escaping into the air, like a boon for people who have asthma or any dust allergy.

PAV1200W corded handheld vacuum conveniently folds in half with a cord wrap tool for easy and compact storage. Black Decker PAV1200W corded vac cleaner has a Unique locking pivot action that lets the user vacuum at any angle to get into hard to reach areas. 

The compact storage keeps the cord neat and tidy. Some accessories are included in Black Decker hand vac- Automotive handheld vacuum with 16 ft cord, Crevice tool, Upholstery Brush, Flexible hose, Dishwasher safe filter (PVF100), Plastic pre-filter, and Storage Bag. For buying, visit Amazon hand vacuum offers.

black & decker pivot auto Vac FEATURES

Black and Decker auto pivot vac PAV1200W has high suction pressure. With 12V, a small hand vacuum cleaner sucks the stubborn particles of dust, hair strands, and fabrics and perfectly cleans up your car. The PAV1200W best handheld vacuum also has a double-action filtration system that completely removes the dust pieces.

Black & Decker PAV1200W 12v automotive pivoting vacuum cleaner comes with three attachments with automotive pivoting handled vacuum cleaner including a brush attachment, a rectangle-to-circle attachment, and a tube attachment for reaching to the tight corners of your car. The pivoting action allows access under the seats and side seats of the back seats. Its upholstery brush fits onto the end of the pivot arm helps in agitating the debris in the carpet. The pivoting arm of Black Decker auto pivot vac PAV1200W has a smaller arm that facilitates extra reach.

This Black and Decker pivot Hand Vac ensures a mess-free cleanup, and the filter refresh knob facilitates the removal of dust and debris from the filter for improving suction power. Because of PAV1200W 3-stage filtration, the dust so collected does not escape into the air.

The best hand vacuum Black & Decker PAV1200W 12-volt cyclonic-action automotive pivoting-nose handheld vacuum cleaner has a 16 feet power cord length that is enough to cover a large area to clean by plugging the device at one place. Below the power cord, there is a brush tool in a compartment. This comes equipped only to plug into your car or any other vehicle. For more information, refer to Best handheld vacuum reviews.

This Best Small handheld vacuum cleaner has a 12V adapter that could be fitted into a cigarette lighter socket of the car. Besides the car, we can use it in homes, offices, and other places for extensive and intricate cleaning. Black Decker handheld vac has a run time of 30 minutes. The best handheld vacuum PAV1200W need not be connected to electric boards that reduces the chances of any hazard.

black and decker pav1200wauto pivot vac SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Black and Decker
Item Model Number
Product Dimension
7.3 x 6.6 x 14.3 inches
Item weight
1 pounds
White, Orange
Vacuum Types
Handheld vacuum
2 years
Product Name
Pivot Automotive Bagless Hand Vac

Black Decker Handheld Vacuum for Car

Black & Decker PAV1200W vacuum cleaner can clean your car anywhere and anytime. The PAV1200W best handheld vacuum can be plugged into a 12V cigarette lighter outlet of the car and easily picks up the stubborn particles of dirt, gravel, hair, pieces of fabrics, and crumbs. 

The slim pivoting nozzle in Black Decker auto pivot vac PAV1200W and also a 16 feet long power extension cord facilitate covering a big area of the car such as the vents and other tight corners. As Black Decker best hand vacuum cleaner has a pivoting nozzle, we can hold the best hand vacuum cleaners at any angle. The easy-to-hold refresh knob takes the debris out of the black and decker pivot vac cleaning filter and improves the suction power. Black Decker hand vac is very handy and portable hand vacuum to be carried anywhere.





Where can I buy Black Decker Auto Pivot Vac PAV1200W?

 Online websites like Amazon have the Black Decker Auto Pivot Vac PAV1200W available with them. Just click on the above price button to go to the product page. You can also buy it on the official website of Black & Decker by simply searching for its exact model number.

How much power does Black Decker Auto Pivot Vac PAV1200W have?

 The Black Decker Auto Pivot Vac PAV1200W has 12V power.

Does Black Decker Auto Pivot Vac PAV1200W has air blower?

The Black & Decker Auto Pivot Vac PAV1200W doesn’t have an air blower attachment but the cyclonic action with which it has been designed is extremely helpful in cleaning smaller dust particles around the space.

How well does the Black Decker Auto Pivot Vac PAV1200W pick up debris from thick pile floor mats (MB 350)?

The cyclonic action in Black Decker Auto Pivot Vac PAV1200W helps generate a great amount of suction power which gives a good clean up to thick car mats and seats. It can’t clean the carpets you might have at home.


The hand vacuum pav1200w is not a very easy task to keep your car clean and hygienic. But black & decker pav1200w 12-volt cyclonic-action automotive pivoting-nose handheld vacuum cleaner helps you do that. The best hand vacuum black decker is a bit more convenient for car owners. Black & Decker vacuum cleaner is designed specifically for the automobiles, which have a unique extending nozzle with locking pivoting action to clean all those awkward and hard to reach places like under seats or between the center console. 

For that, you have to plug handheld vac into the 12V power outlet of your car, and the cyclonic action provides plenty of suction power to pick up basic messes like dirt, gravel, crumbs present in your car. Black Decker corded vac also comes with a flexible hose, two different nozzles.

Black & Decker Auto Pivot Vac PAV1200W is a small, lightweight, but powerful vacuum cleaner, powered using car lighter adapter. And it comes at an affordable price, too. So, check the complete review and buy this best hand vac online at Amazon.

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