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Most of the buyers consider the top features of a vacuum cleaner like filtration, suction power, and type before they purchase. Though there are many different brands and types of vacuum cleaner to think, the major difference comes in how they collect and store the dirt, dust, or material that is sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaners are available in several types, but mainly we focus on two types: bagged and bagless. Bagged vacuums differ from bagless vacuums mostly in their capacity, price tag, and dust holding container. For bagged handheld vacuum cleaners, you need to invest in bags continuously, so they are not cost-effective compared to bagless handheld vacuums. The main intention of this article is to provide you with clear proper information about Bagged Vs Bagless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, the differences and similarities between them. 

Bagged Vs Bagless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner image
Bagged Vs Bagless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner image

Bagged Vs Bagless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The bagless vacuum is a modern invention. The early vacuum cleaners do not contain any dirt chambers, so they are all bagged. A vacuum cleaners disposal system is what tells whether it is bagged or bagless. In general, bagless handheld vacuums are more accepted than bagged vacuums; this might be due to its new invention and they hit a bit of enthusiasm. It may also be due to the convenience of not needed to purchase bags. 

Bagless Handheld Vacuums

Bagless Handheld vacuums usually contain a dirt chamber, which is generally translucent or clear. So while you vacuum you can view the dirt filling-up in the container. The vacuum’s dirt container has a button when you press it; the container will be installed and uninstalled from and back to the machine. The bin is present either on the apex level or on the base level based on the model or manufacturer. When you complete vacuuming, you just need to empty, clean and put back the dirt bin. 

Bagged Handheld Vacuums

In contrast, bagged vacuums do not include dirt bins. Instead, there is a spot for attaching the bags. As you clean with this vacuum machine, dirt is collected in the bag, which also works as a filter. Though different models have different dirt capacity, it is not necessary to drain the bag frequently as you vacuum because bags hold much dirt. You can use a single bag for more than 30 days based on how frequently you vacuum and the quantity of dirt is picked up. Once a bag is filled, it is removed and disposed of; now, you need to install another bag. Some cleaner machines are given with indicator light when the bag is full, so you don’t need to fret about when to remove the bag. 

Which one is best? Bagged and Bagless Hand Vac

To know which one serves better, let us look into some pros and cons of each vacuum cleaner. 

Bagless Handheld Vacuums Pros

  • Affordable: Though the buying price for each model may vary, the final maintenance cost surely low as you don’t have to purchase bags separately and the dirt-bin will last till the vacuum’s lifetime. In this way, the bagless is cheaper. 
  • Convenient: With the bagless vacuums, you will never face a problem of where and when to get the bags. It is also easy to empty dirt containers. 
  • Easy to watch dirt levels: Generally, dirt containers are translucent, so you can view the container filling up as you vacuum and have an idea when to dispose of the bin. It is suggested not to wait until the container is 100% filled. 


  • Exposure to allergens and dirt: There is a chance of dripping dirt when you empty and free-up allergens back into the air. Even if you have to use your hands to take out the stuck-on dirt. So this might not augur well for the people with allergy and asthma. 
  • Frequent Emptying: As bagless containers are much simpler to empty, so they have limited capacity in holding dirt. This often requires emptying, particularly if you are cleaning the large area or small area with lots of pet hair, spills, and any other debris. 
  • Often cleaning and replacement of filters: Bagless vacuums work in such a manner that they send the bigger debris into the dirt container, whereas the tiny particles are directed to the filters. Though the filters are much more effective, they still require frequent changing and cleaning. Often cleaning is not that convenient because the filters may take 24 hrs to dry thoroughly. If you frequently don’t clean the filters, they will get blocked so the vacuum may overheat and slowly get damaged. 

Bagged Handheld Vacuums Pros

  • Filtration: A good vacuum bag will have excellent filtration. As it is a sealed bag, it can catch and hold allergens and dirt in the machine. Most of the bagged vacuum machines use HEPA filtration. So using these bagged vacuums, you can keep your internal air allergen-free. This is a plus point for people who have asthma and allergic reactions. 
  • Hygiene and Convenience: These vacuum machines do not need much maintenance as the filter is constructed straight away onto a vacuum bag, so it doesn’t block easily. Bagged machines are more efficient at filtration. Once the dirt is collected into the bag, there are very few chances that you will get in connection with it, and also, there is no chance to escape back into the air as the vacuum bag is sealed correctly. 


  • Risk of break: Other than the newer models which are given with alert alarm when the vacuum bag is full, there is no other way to tell that the bag is going to fill. This will show the effect on the machine’s performance and thorough manual checking will affect the parts and damage the bag. 
  • Inconsistent Performance: As the bag keeps on filling, the performance of a vacuum gradually declines. The machine performance will be optimal with newer or full-empty bags. 
  • Bags are pricey and tedious: Firstly, if you have an old version vacuum models, then it might be troublesome for you to get the correct fitting bags. Bags differ from one model to another in their size and price. So you have to continue your expenditure on buying the vacuum bags every time. Moreover, the price of a bag increases over time. 

Comparison of Bagless and Bagged Hand Vac

Bagged handheld vacuums

Bagless handheld vacuums

Have to replace the bags frequently 

Replacement is not needed

Expensive because bags are costly

Cost-effective as it does need any bags to purchase

Heavy and hard to take around 

Tiny and easy to move, use

Low Suction power 

Strong suction power

How efficiently a Handheld vacuum machine cleans depends on other features, not on its dumping system. Finally, you are one to take a decision which is better for you, whether a bagless or bagged vacuum.

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